Monday, February 22, 2016


Kids Sport sambo

Children’s Sambo Seminar

BSF Sambo Centre of Excellence

On Sunday February BSF National Sport Sambo Coach John Clarke organised a free Seminar for local Children interested in Sport Sambo. The Seminar was very well received with all the Children wanting to take up Sambo, so much so that John will be organising a Children’s Sambo Competition in the not to distant Future. George Loscombe and Connie Lawrie assisted John
Learning Leg Locks

John is working hard to promote Sport Sambo next Saturday he will be the Tutor at the Sambo Centre for the first Official BSF Instructors Course Examination, Rather then have a multitude of different affiliated Associations Award the BSF, which is the Governing Body for Sambo, it is having just one recognised BSF Instructor award Scheme. Those who pass will be the Official Instructors for the BSF.
John Clarke

George Loscombe is running Classes for Children and Adults on a Sunday in all forms of Sambo. Which is Sport Sambo (Jacket Grappling)  Combat Sambo (strike and grapple) and CombatSombo(self defence style)

Anyone interested in the various forms of Sambo can contact:
John Clarke 07825 224940

John Clarke

Saturday, February 13, 2016


South Africa vs China - 90kg Shuai Jiao - TianDiLong Cup, Yixing, China ...

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