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Summer Camp 2016

50th Annual Summer Budo Camp

Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne

Yes 50 years since my Father started the Summer Budo Camp and how things have changed since then.
Nobby Clarke 6th Dan 1986

My father John (Nobby) Clarke started this venture back in 1966 when he was British Judo Council MAC General Secretary and the main focus was Judo, The BJC camp previous the this was at Grange Farm Chigwell Essex. 
Members 1960's St Mary's Bay 
Late 1960's Geoff Gleeson teaching Norman Clarke

Nobby decide he wanted to run a camp of his own back, how he came to use St Mary’s Bay New Romney I have no idea what I do know he spent 6 months of the Summer Holiday living there. It seems my mother was a very tolerant women of could it be she was very much involved in Judo herself being a Full time Judo Coach.
St Mary's Bay early 1985

The Venue for Camp would be the Schools Journey Centre Jefferstone Road St Mary’s Bay New Romney Kent with a week for Juniors followed by a week for Adults. 
School Journey Centre 1960's

Life in the UK in the 60’s was very different from today Foreign Holidays was yet to take off and money was tight and there was no Nanny State you all lived with in your means and did not accept hand-outs. So many what take 1 week of the Annual Holiday at the Summer Camp what were a very cheap holiday as well as a training camp by the sea.  It was not unknown for some to take their two weeks holiday at this time, the kids would come down the first week, Mum and Dad would have a week by themselves. Second Mum or Dad would stay at home with the kids while one went to senior camp. This continued right up to the Late 1980’s.
Late Seventies Margret Clarke Ron Reeves Peter Schonewille Daniel De Walle John (Nobby) Clarke

After several years the School Journeys Centre was sold for housing and Nobby move down the road to the Army Cadet Camp in St Mary’s Bay next to the famous Romney Hythe Dymchurch Railway. This period would be the best of times on the Camp History at it height Nobby would have 4 weeks, 2 weeks of Juniors and 2 weeks of Seniors. Budoka would come from all over Great Britain, Europe, Soviet Union, USA and Canada, the camp now accommodated Sambo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Aikido and Tae Kwon Do a true Budo Camp
Things changed when Nobby had a stroke in 1988 and I (Martin Clarke) took over up to the Mid 1990’s things continued with Kids and Seniors but things were beginning to change we see many more Martial Arts styles taking root, Traditional ones and newly invented ones but more importantly Laws on organising Children Camps made financially impossible to continue with Kids Camp. When Nobby first started there was nearly just Judo with the odd Karate and Jiu Jitsu club. So Martin continued with the Senior camp for many years, late 90’s saw us move from St Mary’s Bay to the new Army Cadet Camp at Dibgate Folkestone 

but the good time were to finish with the ACF stopping all private hiring’s. That when my son John took up the reigns it was his idea to keep the Camp going in a new format.
The Camp was to be at our Dojo at the Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne in a shorten form. Friday night would be the Annual Bash, Saturday and Sunday morning would be tuition and Sunday afternoon would be grading’s. Everyone in the IBF wants to get their Black Belt Dan Grade at Summer Camp.
This year John Clarke assisted by Colin Carrott had one of the best Mini Summer Camps and the future looks great just to think 4 years ago I thought it had all finished.

The Dan Grading panel was Martin Clarke 8th Dan, Trevor Davies 6th Dan, Greg Garside 5th Dan, Colin Carrott 5th Dan and they are pleased to say the list below were the successful candidates
So the future for the IBF is looking good plus we have seen a small increase in membership.
I think a special mention was for Adam Dodds who obtained his 1st Dan his Father Russell Dodds a great favourite of the IBF/BSF died just 14 months ago and I know he will be looking down from Heaven on his Son with great pride
For more information visit Facebook International Budo Federation UK, Facebook International Budo Federation Great Britain

New Dan Grades 2016

Jamie Marzetti 2nd Dan YJC
Ryan Sylvester 2nd Dan Spitfire
Juri Lescenka 1st Dan YJC
Richard Seamen 1st Dan YJC
Brandon Springett 1st Dan YJC
Fergus Jones 1st Dan YJC
Adam Dodds 1st Dan Bedford

IBF Judo Instructors Awards

Peter Ireland level 1
Zlatka level 1
Ian Bloy level 1
Francesca Aspey level 2

Kids Judo
Milly Loscombe Green 1
Dylan White Green 2
Will Brice Green 2
Bethany Green 3
Jacob Clarke Blue 1
All from YJC
Kids Sambo from Spitfire
Izzy Namey

Adults Judo

Connor Orange spitfire 
Lewis Reader Orange Warriors/YJC
Reanne Bloy Green Warriors/YJC
Connie Clarke Blue Warriors/YJC 
Andrew Blue Warriors/YJC 
Megan Blue Spitfire
Francesca Aspey Brown Spitfire
Lewis Clarke Brown Warriors/YJC 

Adult Sambo 

Ian Bloy Brown Warriors 

St Mary's Bay 

St Mary,s Bay 
Clarkes John Connie Martin Lewis 


Trevor Davies Dibgate

Martin Clarke Tom Starling

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Bob White

t was sad to hear of the Death of Judoka Bob White I am told he reach the had the great age of 90 Bob 

was a main stay of the British Judo Council MAC and trained many hundreds to Dan Grade. I remember 

him as a great friend of my Dad Nobby. Bob will be in that great Dojo in the Sky and I hope he meets up 

with my Dad again

Below is a photo of Bob and Nobby plus Bob, Nobby, Peter Schowille and Jack Hearn

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Bash Night

IBF Annual Bash Night
Friday August 16
Swale Martial Arts Club

The Annual Bash started some 40 years ago when Nobby Clarke 6th Dan (1927-1990) was running the Annual Summer Budo Camp at St Mary’s Bay. The Bash was where originally judoka from all over the Country and Europe would, on one night of the Summer Camp, challenge each other to a Contest or, as the Majority would say a Bash. In later years the Bash would be accompanied by the sounds of Status Quo to get the adrenalin flowing. In 1989 Martin, Nobbys son, took over the Camp, which after many years moved from the ACF Camp St Mary’s Bay to a new ACF Camp Dibgate Folkestone. About 4 years ago the ACF stopped hiring out the camp so rather then let the Camp die Martin’s son John (3rd generations of Clarkes) took over the camp and changed it to a weekend and held at Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne. The Bash Night has changed dramatically since the inception it now has other grappling skills taking part, Judo, Sambo, Kurash, BJJ

Saturday, August 20, 2016



London may be our Capital but you can not say it is a true English City with most of its population being NON English even our Parliament in London no longer represents the Majority of English/Brit people Brexit proved that.  Manchester is a great City with the majority of the people being English maybe the time is to make London the Capital of the UK but make Manchester the Capital of England

Britain's Olympic heroes WILL get a parade: Theresa May orders a victory celebration to be held in Manchester despite financial concerns and turf wars 
·       PM Theresa May has ordered there to be a victory parade for Team GB
·       The event will be held in Manchester with another in London next month 
·       Decision came after there was concerns a parade could be in jeopardy
·       Team GB have secured their biggest ever medals haul at a foreign Olympics 

Friday, August 19, 2016


Great Foundling Judoka

Are any of you old enough to remember 

these Great Foundling Judoka


Spitfire Open Judo Championship

Spitfire Judo / Sambo Club
South East Of England IBF Judo Chamionships
September 18th. 2016
All entries, junior & seniors, matched on the day.
Junior weigh-in 9.30am
Senior weigh-in 12.30pm
NAME ..............................................................................
AGE ............................ DoB. ...........................
M/F ............
WEIGHT ........................... GRADE ............................
CLUB ...............................................................................
E-Mail Address ........................................................................
Telephone ...........................................
Cheques Payable to Spitfire Judo Club
Send Entries to:
Colin Carrott
71 Downs Road
Kent CT19 5PW
Entries Required by 11th. September 2016 please
It is essential that all entries are accompanied by a telephone number.

Monday, August 15, 2016


CombatSombo Award

Those named below are Level 1 CombatSombo.
CombatSombo The rebirth.
Level 1 course was held at Black Knights gym Burnley, it was supported by 8 people.
The students had a traditional back ground in martial arts and had been training for many years.
They wanted to move forward with a system that offered more.
The British Sombo Federation does this through its coaching awards, it offers recognised governing body awards, it offers back up, a chance to move into the sporting aspects of SAMBO, in Sport SAMBO and Combat SAMBO.
Level 1 in CombatSombo.
Introductions and welcome made, advise on setting up a club and all that goes with it, finding the correct venue, all about insurance, first aid. DBS, planning classes and keeping records.
The foundations laid.
Covered warm up, stretching, movement, pad work for the striking, kettle bells for strength building, circuits. This was done to show traditional martial artist what high fitness and knowledge levels are required within all SAMBO.
The aspects of coaching, the importance of showing more than talking, looking for mistakes and correcting immediately, class control, making sure the coach NEVER ASSUMES, coaching techniques from different positions so students can see from different angles.
Understanding that one throw can be used in many ways, like SAMBO its diversity, the basic foundation for the Sport SAMBO side with knowledge on how things score, what points are given and when.
Two students did a little Sport SAMBO and the rest were referees all giving scores they so fit, this was then discussed.
All students, planned a lesson and coached what they had planned, constant feedback was given if mistakes made and a coach assumed a student knew something they didn't.
A great day and excellent feedback.
The rebirth has begun.
Allan Clarkin

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