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2014 President's Cup Event


President's Sambo Cup 2015 in Manchester had a Great Success

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President's Sambo Cup in Edinburgh 2016

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UK: Russia wins President's Cup for Sambo martial arts in Scotland


Presidents Cup 2016

The 3rd Presidents Cup was held in Edinburgh on September 25th in the famous Meadow Bank Stadium. This event is organised by the Commonwealth Sambo Association supported by the British Sombo Federation, Scottish Sombo Federation and FIAS. The purpose of the event is to take it to different parts of the Country to highlight and show case Sambo in its two different formats Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo. The first year it was held in Dartford, followed by Manchester both were very Successful.

Holding in Scotland was a risk as the Country did not have the following like its English counter part. Scottish President Robin Hyslop started the ball rolling by organising a very successful Scottish Sambo Open a few months prior to the event attracting over 100 players. 

What the President Cup did do was to bring to Scotland a major International Sambo tournament featuring a team from Russia which highlighted the Sport in Scotland, this created a great deal of interest in the Press and media which was very apparent at the Press Conference held on the Saturday morning.
Martin Clarke with Princess Katrina 

The event could not have functioned without the hard work done by FIAS World coordinator Andrew Moshanov; he and his team were outstanding and made the whole event a great Success.
Andrew Moshanov 

This event always attracts many dignitaries such as Her Royal highness Princess Katarina , FIAS President and Duma MP Vasily Shestakov, Michael Wynn Parker President CSA, Eliseev Sergey President ESF, Roberto Ferraris General Secretary FIAS, Martin Clarke BSF President Sir Maurice Allan first GB World Champion 1975. This shows the importance of the event and how FIAS rate Great Britain’s involvement in International Sambo.
Sir Maurice Allan with BSF Honorary President Valerie Clarke 
A full report on the actual matches will be released at a later date what I can say this was a very hard tournament,. The teams for Sport Sambo were dropped from 8 to 6 this year to make room for the Combat Sambo Grand Slam. Scotland were pooled against Holland and Spain, I personally thought they were in spot to make the final but I was shocked by the standard of the other two teams.  Both Teams had obviously taken this competition very seriously and produced some really top quality competitors, sadly Scotland lost to Holland 5 to 2 and Spain 4 to 3 but that is not to say the Scottish team did not fight hard they certainly did and Scott Imrie look like one of the best players of the day in the whole competition. With his famous Scottish Judo Coach Father John Imrie taking charge I am sure we will see a lot more quality Sambo players coming from Scotland. 
Vasily Shestakov 

The final was between Russia v Holland; this was to prove an exciting match, as the Russians were at best their 3rd string. Although the Russian Team won they did lose a fight to the Dutch the first time in this event that has happened and all the other matches on the whole were close fought so well done to both teams
Martin with famous Judo Sambo Player Richard Kenny 

The Combat Sambo grand slam proved very popular and it was a proud moment for GB Combat Sambo Coach Matt Clempner Senior when his son Matt Junior won the Grand Slam Belt in the u90 kilo class. Matt is no stranger to the competitive grappling world, he has been an International Judo Player, World Sambo Bronze Medallist and is now making his mark in the world of Cage Fighting
BSF Combat Sambo Coach MattClempner Senior 
So what of the Future well talk is of next years event being in Wales or Northern Ireland, it was also suggested putting the Presidents Cup over the same week as the British Open. Can you imagine that the Presidents Cup on the Saturday and the British Open on the Sunday with all the fighters from the Cup competing that would be some spectacular event? Also robin Hyslop and John Clarke are suggesting we have annual Scotland v England Team event in both Sport and Combat Sambo competing for the British Sambo Cup
It is interesting that I was asked at the Press Conference when will GB see another World Medallist? My answer was simple “MONEY” UKSport will not fund non Olympic Sport in fact even Olympic Sports who do not win medals struggle to get funding UKSport seem obsessed with winning Olympic medals and making some athletes millionaires, they forget Sport needs participation at all levels and funding should be available to everyone not just a few Olympians the old Sports Council used to have a saying “Sport for All” let hope we return to that ethos. So our way forward is to get a large sponsor easier said then done. The BSF has had help from FIAS and the Russian Federation which we are grateful for.
Matt Clempner

In past events the British Team has taken Silver and Bronze our team consisted of both English and Scottish so we are stronger together lets keep it that way

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Introduction to CombatSombo

Voice out of sync filmed 2003 still worth a look


Presidents Cup Press Release

Press Release
Press conference of the President's SAMBO Cup in Edinburgh, Scotland
September 24, 2016

The President's SAMBO Cup will take place on September 24 in Edinburgh, Scotland with the support of Rosneft, the General Sponsor of this event. The tournament press conference will be held on the competition day, September 24 at 10 am in the Sheraton Hotel. Special guests and the organizers of the President's SAMBO Cup 2016 will answer journalists' questions.
The actual sports event will start with the opening ceremony at 13:00, and the final fights and awards ceremony will begin at 17:00. Meadowbank Sports Centre, Edinburgh's main sports complex, is the venue for the already traditional tournament. All major events in the city, including concerts, are held here. As in previous years, the organizers of the President's Cup are planning some pleasant surprises for both spectators and tournament participants, but they are still a secret.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be hosting this tournament for the third time. The first President's SAMBO cup was held in London in 2014, and the second in Manchester in 2015. In 2016, as we've already said, the tournament will be held in Edinburgh.
This year, the President's Cup Organizing Committee will be chaired by HRH Princess Katarina, who is a member of two European Royal Dynasties. She is a great granddaughter of Queen Victoria on her mother's side and of the King of Serbia from the famous Balkan Karađorđević dynasty on her father's side.
Michael Wynne Parker, President of the Commonwealth SAMBO Association, announced that members of several ancient Scottish clans had already expressed their intention to attend the tournament. The Consul General of the Russian Federation to Scotland and the chief executives of several county councils are also expected to attend.
According to Robin Hyslop, President of the Scottish SAMBO Federation, people here are looking forward for an entertaining tournament. Naturally, the Scots intend to cheer madly for their team, which they hope to see in nothing less than the final of this prestigious tournament.
The tournament's main prize – the gem-incrusted Challenge Cup of about 10 kg – has already been won twice by the Russian team. This time, Scotland and other countries will try to do their best to beat the Russian team. In 2016, athletes from Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Ghana, Commonwealth countries and Scotland, the host of the tournament, will be fighting for the tournament’s main prize.
Starting last year, the organizers added another sports event with show elements to the President's SAMBO Cup – the Combat SAMBO GrandSlam. In Manchester, this tournament was held in the light heavyweight class – 100 kg, and it was won by Russian Mikhail Mokhnatkin. This year, the organizers decided to hold the tournament for combat sambists in four weight classes: 62, 74, 82 and 90 kg. Combat sambists from Trinidad and Tobago, the USA, Australia, Slovenia, the UK, Poland, Aruba, France and Russia have already confirmed their participation in this part of the tournament. Like last year, cash prizes will be given to the winning sambists.
We should note that the President's SAMBO Cup has helped uncover a lot of talents from the Commonwealth countries. Along with medals, athletes who competed in that tournament returned home with vivid memories and started promoting the sport in their home countries – in Australia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, Canada, Nicaragua and South Africa. So far, teams from 22 countries have taken part in the tournaments; thus, SAMBO is steadily spreading around the world, bringing people, countries and continents together. That's why each year the Organizing Committee for the tournament invites teams from various national SAMBO federations that are FIAS members in order to promote SAMBO worldwide and develop good relations and mutual understanding among people of different countries.
Along with the tournament participants, a whole army of fans and SAMBO enthusiasts will also come to Edinburgh. A team of 40 fans is planning to come from St. Petersburg alone. The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko and President of the St. Petersburg SAMBO Federation Mikhail Kokorin, who is also a world SAMBO champion, will head the St. Petersburg delegation.
Website of the President's SAMBO Cup in Edinburgh, Scotland

British Sombo Federation
Founded 1986
 In 1986 Martin Clarke founded the British Sombo Federation. Why and How did this happen; 
Martin had competed in Sombo with the British Amateur Wrestling Association in the early 1970s in those days it was refereed to as either Cambo or Sombo, the word Sambo was considered racist by the powers that be. Using the C instead of the S was because in the Russian Alphabet the S sound was written as a C as for Sombo some maintained this was the correct spelling in reality the only spelling was Sambo. With the Sport moving to Olympic Games recognition, the FIAS directed all member countries to use just word which is Sambo. 
The BSF went on organise British and regional championships as well as taking teams to world and European championships and in 1990 the Sports Council recognised the BSF as the Governing for Sombo/Sambo in GB. Martin went on serve as Treasurer of the international Organisation FIAS , was awarded a Grand master of Sambo the only person in GB ever to receive the award ,in the last few years was presented with a Gold medal for Services to International Sambo and was also awarded a Star of Sambo this given to him while at the World Championships in St Petersburg 2008 this was awarded to the top 10 most influential people in World Sambo. 2013 World Championship martin was just one of 8 people to receive a special Gold Medal celebrating 75 years of Sambo
Times move on and the British Sombo Federation which is now a "Federation of Sambo/Sombo Organisations" is represented by the following organisation which have affiliated in 201  English Sombo Federation, British CombatSombo Association, Sombo Union of Great Britain , Federation of Russian Martial Arts (Sambo) Scottish Sombo Federation, Red Star Sambo, Northern Ireland Sombo Federation, United Kingdom Sambo Association  British Grappling Association
In 2014 and 2015 the BSF were involved in organising the very prestigious "Presidents Cup" held in Dartford and Manchester

About SAMBO in Scotland:
The first Scottish world SAMBO champion was Morris Allan, who won his title in Minsk, Belarus in 1975. Morris is the most decorated Scottish wrestler of all time, and is the only athlete in the history of the UK to become a world champion in three styles of fighting: freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling and SAMBO. In recognition of his unique achievement, Queen Elizabeth II made him a knight, so Morris Allan became a Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. He was also recognized as Scotland's Wrestler of the Century. Morris Allan will take part as a guest of honor in the tournament press conference and the President's Cup in Edinburgh.
The Scottish SAMBO Federation was formed in 1989. The first national SAMBO championship was held in 1995, with only 20 participants. Now, in 2016, this number has grown to 200 participants. It's worth noting that Robin Hyslop, President of the Scottish SAMBO Federation, has been named coach of the year twice in the last 20 years.
The main SAMBO clubs in Scotland are Dumfries Sambo Club, Closeburn Sambo Club, Red Star Sambo, Sombo93 Edinburgh, Dynamo Sambo in Glasgow and West Sambo from Greenock. That's a lot of clubs for a small country – it's a sign of the enormous amount of effort put into developing and promoting SAMBO, and great success.
Press Conference 2014

Information for accreditation:
Journalists wishing to take part in the event should contact the Head of Development of the International SAMBO Federation Andrew Moshanov by phone 44 7725 319179 or

email: no later than 24.09.2016.

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European MMA Championships 2016, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Learn TaiJutsu

Chris St John President Northern Ireland IBF/BSF has offered his services as a leading TaiJutsu/Jiu Jitsu/Aikido Instructor for the purpose of a day’s course in Sittingbourne. How many of you are interested in attending this course if so contact Martin Clarke

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Chris St John Ordained

Vice Presidents of IBF Northern Ireland turned out to support Chris St John, IBF NI President/NI Sambo Federation President at his Ordination in Belfast. Chris's Martial Arts training paid off when he had to adopt siza Position for a ten-minute period. Training in the Aikido Hakama allowed Chris to move effortlessly between positions. Years of Martial Arts training have turned Chris into a Budo Pastor.
We in the IBF/BSF wish Chris the best and for a Martial Art Association to have its own Chaplain is a great Honour. Chris was a Police Officer in both the RUC and NIPS this is a man who has served his community most of his life

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