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Child Black Belts and BGT

On Face Book there has been a debate on Black Belts for Kids and the Child on BGT Martial arts Dance here is my reply

Swale Martial Arts Club A competitive Black Belt is quite 

easy to Judge You set a standard and the students obtain 

that standard. i.e You compete against ex amount of 1st Kyu 

(brown Belt) you beat them you are promoted, a system we 

use in Sambo. Most Judo organisations also include some 

theory/Philosophy i.e Kata. So age should not come in to it 

BUT the body does if you are competing in a physical sport 

then you must have the physical strength and strength of 

mind etc to compete against all comers that is why most 

competitive grappling sports have an age limit because it 

would be dangerous for say a 12 year old 50 kg player to 

fight a 80 k 20 year old. With regard to theoretical grades 

there must also be some degree of strength and power so 

the techniques they use are effective but what concerns me 

me is that you can give a very young person a false sense of

 security in they maybe convinced that as an 8 years old 40 

kg Black Belt they can protect themselves against 30 year 

old 90k man? lets be honest most children's Black Belts are 

about making money and if parents want to pay the fee that 

is their business. A lot of Martial Arts Gradings are about 

Choreography. With regard to the child on BGT she done an 

extremely good choreographies routine and remember the 

show is about entertainment. 

The only relevance this act had to Martial Arts was she had

some sort of Martial Arts Uniform and sword. 

The routine could have as easily been with a Baton but then 

that does not have the impact of a sword. She was a very 

Good Dancer/Gymnast and I expect if she sticks to that she 

could have a career in Show Business because BGT is 

about Show Business not Martial Arts

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Presidents Cup Latest News May 2015

Things are really hotting up for the Presidents Cup with the Russian team now selected. 

Russian Team will consist of the following athletes

62 Ruslan Bagdasaryan - Russia National Champion
68 Nikita Kletskov  - European Champion
74 Azamat Sidakov - Russia National Champion
82 Ilya Kokovich - Russia National Champion
90 Aslim Chernoskulov - 3x World Champion
60 Yana Kostenko - World Champion
68 Ekaterina Onoprienko - European Champion

The GB Team has been selected and unlike most of our counter parts they receive no government grants and have to be self funding. That does not stop them training as hard as possible with each GB Representative having to supply the BSF with a monitored training programme. Our team will be one of the fittest at the tournament.  

u62 Bradley Belsey 
u68 Casey Belsey
u74 Dan Diamond
u82 Danny Carrott
u90 Danny Roberts

u60 Debbie Jackson
u68 Emma Herd


History was made when the inaugural President’s Sambo Cup was organised in September 2014 in London. This year, the tournament returns to England, albeit Manchester this time, with some of the strongest masters of the world.
8 teams will compete for the President's Cup. As before, the participants include the founders of this sport, the Russian team; the hosts of the tournament, the team of Great Britain; as well as two teams of the Commonwealth. The teams of France, Bulgaria, Italy and Spain will complete the competitive field. Each team, consisting of 7 sambists, will see the men compete in 62, 68, 74, 82 and 90 kg weight categories, while the women will compete in the 60 and 68 kg weight categories.
Manchester is familiar to sports fans as the city of two football teams in the Premier League. But beyond the football the city boasts of one of the most modern velodromes in the world and also some significant sports results in various disciplines.
The President’s Sambo Cup aims to promote the sport with the help of new, creative and innovative solutions related to the format of the tournament. The main areas of focus for the organizers are the entertainment activities and original marketing solutions. President of the Sambo Association of the British Commonwealth, a member of the organizing committee of the competition, Michael Parker, says, "Within the President's Cup we plan to hold a demonstration tournament in combat sambo. The tournament will be held in the open weight category and eight sambists will take part in it. Two of them will be representatives of the United Kingdom and the remaining six will be selected on the basis of the world rankings. Athletes will compete for the "championship belt" and a check for a large sum, which we, the organizers of the Cup, are not yet disclosing. The process of selecting candidates will start immediately after the end of the European Championship in May".
As for the team selection, Spain and the UK have already determined the composition of the teams in the national championships, and the teams of Bulgaria, Russia and France have yet to do so after the European Sambo Championships start on May 15.
In September 2014 the President´s Cup was attended by the UK, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the countries of the Commonwealth (Africa and America). In the final, the Russians won a unique cup crafted by jewelers of Saint Petersburg. In the battle for 1st place they won over the UK team with a score of 7:2. The third place went to the teams of Belarus and Commonwealth Africa.
BSF President Martin Clarke meets  Alexander Zhukov, Chairman of the Russian Olympic Committee, Russian Vice- President at 2014 Presidents Cup
Manchester´s coat of arms includes a bee that symbolizes the ability of local residents to "work as hard as a bee" and also enjoy a good rest. Last year, the viewers were entertained by a Scottish bagpipe band, and this year the organizers promise to please all the spectators and guests of the tournament with new surprises. What are they talking about? It is still a mystery that will necessarily be disclosed on September 26.
The site of the tournament where you can find all the latest information about the upcoming President's Cup in Manchester has started to function. You can find the most interesting information about the tournament at:

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Congratulations Colin and Greg

Congratulations to Colin Carrott Spitfire Judo/Sambo Cub and Greg Garside Young Judo Club Bexley on being awarded the IBF 5th Dan Judo. A credit to their Club and British Judo

Greg & Colin

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Paris Sambo/Combat Sambo Tournament

Paris Sambo/Combat Sambo Tournament
28th /31st May 2015

The British CombatSombo Association a British Sombo Federation affiliated association will be having two of its members competing in this prestigious event. Both are Bulgarian Nationals who now live in GB. They are Veselin Ivanov a previous European and British Open Champion and Kostadin Enev

Their Manager Georgi Anadolov will be with them  and hopefully they will bring back medals which will be a great boost for the BSCA as of yet we have no British Nationals entering the event

Sunday, May 17, 2015


European Sambo Championships Report from Russell Dodds

European Sambo Championships
General Report
Croatia, 2015

British Team
The British Sambo Team had been training hard for several months towards the trip to European Sambo Championships in Croatia and felt ready for the challenge and eager to get started. The team who flew out on the 14th of May consisted of Deborah Jackson, Kerrie Penfold, Emma Herd, Ryan Sylvester and Daniel Carrott competing in the Sport Sambo and Matthew Pickering in the Combat Sambo. Russell Dodds, English Sambo President also attended as coach and British representative at the congress.

The journey to Croatia went very smoothly, the flights and transfers were all quick, easy and well organised, with a sambo representative waiting to meet the team at the airport. On arrival at the Hotel Panorama all of the team were pleased to see that the hotel was clean and fresh with welcoming and organised staff who spoke excellent English. The accreditation procedure and issuing of Fias Sambo licenses was the best and most efficient the British Team have experienced and after a short wait they were given the keys to their hotel rooms, which they found to be spacious and well presented. The team were then further pleased by a filling and nutritious meal. The hotel continued to maintain this standard throughout the stay which the team were very impressed by.

The level of fighting at the competition was extremely high with attendance from 28 countries including Russia, Georgia, Belarus and many other countries with very strong sambo teams. It was observed that a higher percentage of fights appeared be won by leg locks and armlocks; it was thought that this may have been due to fighters being so evenly matched that bigger throws we have been seen in the past were not necessarily achievable.  The new rules regarding a win being secured with 8 clear points rather than 12, meant that some of the fights were over more quickly; this proved a disadvantage to some of the team GB members. Although the entire GB team were well prepared and put their all into each fight the opposition proved too great and the team were unable to achieve any medal placings.  However, these experiences at the European Championships should be used to our advantage to prepare even more effectively for upcoming championships in the future. The squad intends to pull together more as a team and use any disappointing outcomes as training points. They have collected a wealth of data and knowledge from this tournament which will be used as a valuable training tools.

Russell Dodds attended the ESF congress and reported the following points:
There will be a coaching database introduced
Later this year jacket ‘back badges’ will be compulsory, displaying the competitors name, country and the competition’s sponsor- these will be available from July 20th (details via Russell Dodds)
Russell Dodds also attended and completed the anti-doping workshop, certification to be completed at the World Championships in Casa Blanca.
On the final night in Croatia the team enjoyed a relaxing night out together before returning home on 18th May. Although they will be returning empty handed this time they have learnt a lot which will help them to achieve their goals in the future.


Presidents Cup More News

This is an update of the 2015Presidents Cup

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


New Sports Minister and Spanish Team for Presidents Cup

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
John Wittingdale MP

John appointment may not mean a lot to you but last year he was at 1st Presidents Cup at the Glow and presented main trophy with FIAS President Shestakov.  Lets hope he can make this years event




62 KG
68 KG
74 KG
82 KG
90 KG
60 KG F
68 KG F

France, Germany - will do the selection straight after the Europeans
Russia and Bulgaria are in the process of selection

Great Britain will have some hard battles make sure you are there to support them

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