Thursday, January 04, 2018


Folkestone Judo session

Over the last few years I have lost interest in Judo for many reasons. 1) My injuries make it unsafe for me to practice  2 replacement knees replacement hip 2) Having Taught both John Clarke and Colin Carrott  I feel they have learnt most of what I know so there is no need for me to Coach as they are both doing a good job 3) The continual rule changes by the IJF has made Judo  a different sport from 20 years ago that is one of the reasons I am keen on Sambo 4) the lack of dedication and the willingness to advance by today’s judoka is depressing.

So when Colin invited me to attend his Judo Bash at Folkestone I thought OH NO another boring afternoon. How wrong I was I walked I to the Hall with about 40 adult Judoka all of a reasonable standard on the Mat, the atmosphere was electric. This is why I started Judo some 60 odd years ago ‘this is what Judo was about. I even started getting up down in my seat as Judoka were performing good technique and with my 17 year old grandson Lewis just back for the Navy I could not resist shouting Coaching hints most probably to the annoyance of his opponents. Someone said it has been years since you have been so enthusiastic,, well that is true because here was a bunch of Judoka  who just wanted partake in Judo. They came from many clubs and several different associations nobody cared about the politics of Judo and lets be honest with the decline of participants in judo over recent years, all of us need to work together for judo to succeed. If you asked me a Month ago I would say Judo was dying after last Saturday Honestly believe we will see the steady rise of Judo and Sambo in GB

Maybe next time I will be invited to do a 10-minute spot.

Well done Coaches John Clarke 6th Dan, Trevor Davies 6th Dan, Colin Carrott 5th Dan, Oleg Sibilev 3rd Dan, Alan Lingham 5th Dan Chris Coulson  2nd Dan, Dick Scopes 5th Dan

Martin Clarke 8th Dan

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