Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Judo and the Holmes Brothers

A recent article appeared in the Sittingbourne News about a fete in 1967 where there was a Judo demonstration. It featured Johnny Holmes 1st Dan and the Young Judo Club. The YJC was founded in 1957 by mother and father John (Nobby) Clarke and Margret Clarke. The Holmes Brothers were quite famous in the 1960's for their Judo prowess and were founding members of the YJC and I believe apart from my parents were the clubs first Black Belts. Below is a photo of them doing the Bus Stop scene feature in many Judo Demos, this where a small person is bullied in a Bus top queue. because of his Judo knowledge he would overcome his aggressors. Corny by today standards but audiences loved it and remember this was in the days of no videos and computers. The club is 60 this year and still going strong with Nobby's Grandson John being the Senior Coach. We already have a 4th generation of Clarkes in the wings waiting to take over the mantle of Coach. This would not have been possible with out my parents and the Holmes Brothers
Couple of points notice the Judo suits and the mats old feather mattress covered with Paper Mill felt

Holmes Brothers

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Sport Sambo Instructors Course

BSF Sport Sambo Instructor course.

Anyone interested in becoming a governing body Sport Sambo Instructor, well this is for you.

Sat 25th November 2017
BSF centre of Excellence
12pm till 5pm
£80 or £50 if you just want to do the course but not the exam.
You must be a member of BSF affiliated Body .

Anyone who has done a Instructor award before 2015 your renewal is due and your award will run out at end of November.
The course will have to have a min of 6 on it for it to run. Money up front and closing date is 12th November.
Money and booking too.

John Clarke
Master of Sambo
Flat 2C
127 east street
ME10 4BL

Wednesday, September 06, 2017


Scottish Examineer

Scottish Sambo Federation President Robin Hyslop has become an Official Examiner to administer the British Sombo Federation's Instructors Award. This award is the only BSF recognised award. The BSF is the Governing Body for Sambo/Sombo for UKSPORT and the International Sambo Federation

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