Tuesday, July 25, 2017


British Sombo Federation President Cup Team

British Sombo Federation Sport Sambo Team 

U62 Marian Melnychuk Samboist Academy 

U68 Lewis Brooks Manchester 

U74 Billy Wilsher Fightworx 

U82 Ryan Cottom Team Captain/Manager Warriors Sittingbourne

U90 Tom Nicholls Georgiev MMA 


U60 Izzy Namey Spitfire 

U66 Francesca Aspey Spitfire

Friday, July 21, 2017


Brian Jacks

The Judo and Super Star legend Brian Jacks will be visiting the Young Judo Club Sittingbourne on Tuesday October 3rd 2017 at 8pm. Brian has been a personal friend of the Clarke Family and was a regular visitor to Nobby and Margret Clarke’s home in the 1960’s & 1970’s so he will be no stranger to Sittingbourne. Brian now lives Thailand but is spending several Months in the UK Coaching and promoting the book of his life. The seminar is open to everyone but space is limited so it is best to book, the cost is a reasonable £10 paid in advance. If Judoka are interested in this one off occasion they should contact ibfbcsa@gmail.com

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Is Vladimir Putin a judo fraud?

Is Vladimir Putin a judo fraud?

This is the most ridiculous Piece I have ever read it is obviously produced to promote the Writers Benjamin Wittes, the editor of the national security blog Lawfare.wn career and Profile. I cannot find anything about his expertise in Judo or Sambo. There is a small piece saying he is off to Tae Kwon Do. Just to explain things to him Tae Kwon Do is Striking Art Judo is a Grappling discipline. It seems this gentleman is a real anti Putin Anti Trump and most probably a Democrat Journalist so it is no surprise he wants to invent something and Fake News always sells. He goes on to say he wants to challenge Putin to a fight. Putin is mid 60’s Wittes early 40’s. He knows full well the Match will never take place and he know full well it is a Publicity gimmick. For those of us who have actually done Judo you only have to look at Putins movements to know he is a reasonable standard Judoka and I have met any many Russian Judoka and Samboist who have seen his prowess in the Sport. I suggest this gentleman stick to things he know BUT if I am wrong please let him list his achievements in Judo or Sambo Maybe some USA Martial Artist can tell me of his expertise?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Free Tickets Presidents Cup Sambo 2017

Here is your chance to get free Tickets to this prestigious event a chance to see some excellent Sport Sambo and some Explosive Combat Sambo 
send me your Name, Address, Mobile Number, Email Address and I will arrange to send you some Free tickets BUT do not leave it to late

4th Presidents Cup in Sambo
 September 30th 2017


University of East London

Docklands Campus

University Way

London E16 2RD

 This year the Presidents Cup will be held in London and will have a slightly different Format instead of a British Team we will have a British Sombo Federation, English Sambo Federation and Scottish Sambo Federation Team this will allow us to select Foreign Players who now live in the UK. For the Worlds and Europeans it will still be for UK Subjects.

Other competing countries will be teams from Siberia, USA, Italy. Holland and a Commonwealth Team

The format for the Sport Sambo is a team event consisting of Men u62k, u66k, u74k, u82k., u90k  Ladies u60k, u66k

Combat Sambo will be a Grand Slam Individual Event Men., u62k, u74k, u82k, u100k

British Sombo Federation Sport Sambo Team is

Men U62 Marian Melnychuk Samboist Academy- U68 Lewis Brooks Manchester -U74 Billy Wilsher Fightworx -U82 Ryan Cottom Team Captain/Manager Warriors Sittingbourne- U90 Tom Nicholls Georgiev MMA =Ladies U60 Izzy Namey Spitfire -U66 Francesca Aspey Spitfire

English and Scottish Sambo Federations teams to be announced

WE HAVE A FEW COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS CONTACT IBFBCSA@GMAIL.COM with name address, Mobile Number and Email address

Sunday, July 16, 2017


English Sambo Open 2017

English Sombo Federation
71 Downs Road
                                                              CT19 5PW                                   English Sombo Federation
President Colin Carrott

English Open
Sport SAMBO Championships
23rd. September 2017

Purpose:         To promote SAMBO in The U.K. by organising tournaments and championships.

Organiser:       English Sombo Federation.

Place:              Hawkinge Community Centre, Heron Forstal Avenue, Hawkinge,
                          Nr. Folkestone, Kent  CT18 7FP                    

Date:               23rd. September 2017

Opening:         First fight will start at 12.00pm
                        Weigh-in for all categories 11.00am

Official age and weight classes:

Men -62, -68, -74, -82, -90, -100, +100kg 
Women: Matched on the day
Masters +35 and +45 years old: Matched on the day
Cadets, male & female, 15 – 17 years old: Matched on the day
Juniors, boys & girls, 8 – 14 years old: Matched on the day

If one of the weight classes has insufficient participants, competitors may move up one weight group.
All titles must be competed for, there will be no walk overs.

Rules:              Fias Rules.
                        No painful holds for juniors up to 14 years old
            17 year olds can compete in cadets and seniors but have to pay entry
            fee for each category.
Equipment:    All cadets and seniors MUST have the correct equipment, red and blue jackets and matching colour shorts or BSF shorts. SAMBO boots (any colour) MUST be worn.
Juniors may wear red or blue SAMBO jackets, or a white or blue judo jacket, but MUST have plain red and blue or BSF shorts. Bare feet will be allowed for juniors.
Wrestling boots will NOT be allowed in any categories.

Registration Fee:     All categories:         £15.00
Registrations: Accompanied by registration / entry feeby post or e-mail on attached entry form to:
                        English Sombo Federation President
                        Colin Carrott
                        71 Downs Road
                        Kent  CT19 5PW
                        e-mail: delmaine@aol.com

All competitors must be a member of an affiliated BSF association and must show their license at the weigh in.

Payment:        Payment can be made by cheque, made payable to The English Sombo Federation, C/O Colin Carrott, 71 Downs Road, Folkestone, Kent CT19 5PW or by Pay Pal using the following e-mail address:

Changes:         Changing weight on the day will incur a £10.00 charge.
Closing Date:  The closing date for ALL entries will be 10th. September 2017. Late entries will NOT be allowed. Please use the form attached to this invitation.

Insurance:       All competitors enter at their own risk and must have adequate health insurance.

4.71 GB (31%) of 15 GB used
Last account activity: 15 hours ago

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


1967 Judo Trophy

The Young Judo Club founded by my parents John Nobby Clarke 6th Dan 1927-1990, Margret Clarke nee Schuller 4th Dan 1926-2004 is 60 years old this year, which has sadly passed unnoticed. An Internet reporter found out about this and interviewed me. He obviously went through the History of the Club, my parents and my own contribution all of which can be found on the net. I have had interviews like this on several occasions but this time he mentioned my Competition Record saying that I had won medals in Weightlifting, Olympic Wrestling, World medals in Judo, Sambo and Jiu Jitsu and then said what was the most memorial Competition I had won? He suggested it must have been one of my World medals BUT it was not. So what was it well it was my first Adult competition I entered which was the British Judo Council Open in 1967 where I won the 1st Kyu and the Open Grade event which was held in Maidstone. The 60’s and 70’s were the heyday of Judo in my opinion, why because there were just 4 Major Associations BJA, AJA, BJC Mac, BJC Otani all had a very large membership. Remember in those days the only Grappling sports that were National were Judo and Olympic Wrestling (Wrestling them days included Sambo) BJJ, MMA etc. had never been heard of

Family 1971
In those days it was quite common for Judoka to hold membership with all associations so all Judo Tournaments were well supported. The BJC Open was one of the big events of the year and at 17 being a Black Belt did not impress me but beating someone in competition did. It was a long time ago but my father Nobby told me to enter the Open, his logic was I would get beaten so knock some of the cockiness out of me. That did not work as I beat everyone all the Dan grades up to 4th Dan what it did make me realise I had the ability to win tournaments. This BJC Open was the first time someone my age had won the event and that record has not been surpassed. For next 4 years I won countless tournaments as a 1st Kyu but eventually my parents said to me you must take your Dan Grade as by being just a 1st Kyu you are belittling your opponents and the grading system. On hindsight they were right I did enjoy saying a Brown Belt could beat Black belts and now I am older I realise that this type of humiliation was not part of the Philosophy of Judo or of a Sportsman, so I took my 1st Dan at 21, 2nd Dan at 22, 3rd Dan at 23, 4th Dan at 24 in those days you had to compete and do Kata for each grade. 
Line-ups were common this where you took on about 8 to 10 players of your standard one after the other. I can not say I enjoyed kata but the grading syllabus made me learn them and I am glad I did because as I got older I began to understand why we do Kata and realised why Judo was so different to other Grappling Sports/Arts because of it.
Winner BJA British Trials 1977
World Sambo Silver 1986

So at 67 I am no longer involved in the Practical side of Judo. It is the way of life that younger people now take over and become the stars like I did in 1967. My involvement is as an administrator and occasionally I tell exaggerated stories on how good I was in the past to the very few who want to listen 

Now a lot Heavier

Martin Clarke 8th Dan Judo

FIAS Sambo GrandMaster

IBF UK President

BSF President


Best Sambo Moves Ever

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