Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Martin Back On Mat

With John Clarke on his Honeymoon and Colin Carrott down with the bug along with many others in the Club it was down to me Martin Clarke to take the session. I was met with surprise and comments like "What you doing here so early?" "Why have you got your kit". Yet it did not take me long to get into my stride first came the very UN PC shouting " Get on the mat my class starts 8pm not 5 minutes past" and "Get that T shirt off you are supposed to be Sambo/Judo players not a load of wimps" 
With the British Open just a few days away we kept away from hard contest and concentrated on Ground Work. First 1/2 hour ground fighting then the following was plenty of drilling on arm locks, leg locks on the ground we finished with arm locks from stomach throw, flying arm lock and leg lock from inner thigh throw (Uchi Mata) .
I think everyone enjoyed I did but do not expect me every week
The BSF Open has a good response we have fighters from all parts of England North, Northwest, South, West, South East, Midlands, East, London and from France, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, USA and British Army sadly no one from Scotland and Northern Ireland lets hope they can attend next year.
The BSF is already planning next years British Open which will be held in the Birmingham Area in March/April 2015. BSF have decided to run a British Closed Championships/Trials in December to prepare teams for international events in 2017. This time schedule was used by the British Judo Association for decades and proved very successful

Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Combat Sambo Sport Sambo National Squad

                                                                                                  Matthew Clempner BSF Combat Sambo Technical Director has announced the following                                                                      

Rules of National Team and Squad
!. Only current recorded squad members will be supported by the national body when applying for Sponsorship or Funding
2. Only recorded current squad members will represent GB or England at any internationally recognised event*
3. Only recorded current squad members will be allowed to purchase official national squad wear.
4. All national squad members MUST hold current membership of the BSF or a registered affiliate organisation.
* Home countries will follow the national or their own protocols
Matthew S Clempner.                                                                                                               Date 3rd March 2016                         National Combat Sambo Director

John Clarke Sport Sambo Technical Director will apply the same criteria.

Sport Sambo GB Squad will be selected at the British Open for Seniors, Young Persons and Masters. Selection for British Team will be selected from the Squad. Squad training sessions will take place in Sittingbourne and Bedford plus one up North if we can get a reasonably priced venue


Sunday, March 06, 2016


Who do you trust?

Saturday, March 05, 2016


Qualified BSF Instructors

The British Sombo Federation the governing body for Sambo in the UK decided at the AGM in January that the time had come for our Coaches/Instructors should have a unified Standard. In the past we allowed each Affiliated Association to prepare their own Award Scheme for Coaches/Instructors this led a multitude of different standards which was confusing to our members and to UKSport.
It was decided to appoint 3 Technical Directors John Clarke Sport Sambo, Matthew Clempner Combat Sambo, Allan Clarkin CombatSombo. These 3 would design an Instructors Award Scheme for their various styles of Sambo. The Instructors Award scheme would be the first step in introducing a complete Coaching Award System. John Clarke has started on the next step by developing a Coach Program and Matthew Clempner is looking into The Teaching & Learning Academy, which is autonomously led by a consortium of Universities and offers a professional award at two different levels for anyone involved with teaching or coaching the Martial/Combat Arts.
The first Sport Sambo Instructors Course was held at Sittingbourne at the end of January. 9 Samboist took part in the event travelling from Kent, Essex, Bedford, Somerset, British Army, London, Berkshire and Hertfordshire quite even spread from the southern part of Britain, All passed the exam and were awarded a certificate the following are recognised as Official BSF Instructors some have yet to complete their paper work i.e. First Aid Certificate and PI Insurance this is required before they are allowed to teach and be fully authenticated. Each Qualified Instructor has to renew their award every 2 years.
Oleg Sibilev Level 3
Adam Dodds Level 2
Ryan Sylvester Level 2
The British Sombo Federation in that the BSF doesn’t accept Individuals or Clubs only Associations in this way we avoid the disharmony seen in many other Combat/Martial Arts Organisations
Affiliated Associations
British CombatSombo Association
RedStar Sambo
United Kingdom Sambo Association
Sombo Union Great Britain
Federation of Russian Martial Arts
British Grappling Association
English Sombo Federation
N Ireland Sombo Federation
Scottish Sombo Federation
Mixed Style Sambo Association

Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Ban Combat Sports for the under 18's

In the news today some Doctors want to ban tackling in Rugby for anyone under the age of 18 years on Health and safety to reason. My own thoughts it is ridiculous as the game will no longer be the same. Now these Doctors maybe suggesting this for the best intentions but have they not considered it is not compulsory to do Rugby surely it is the duty of care by the parent to decide whether a child can participate in a contact sport. Surely they will know the relevantly small risks if they are not happy just say I do not want my child to do Rugby.
The problem is that this indict can have far reaching consequences? It is the duty of every Sports Body to try and eliminate danger but as Human beings we have to accept risk as part of life. Yet I can see this as just the start of campaign to ban all forms of Contact Sports and Martial Arts for the under 18 years, I hear you say ridiculous yet in Australia the Australian Medical Association want to do exactly that here is a link to their site 

Now at present we have a Democracy in GB where our Parliament can decide on this issue BUT have you considered if we remain in the EU and they decide to go along with a Ban and bring in a EU Law banning Contact Sports for the under 18’s we would have to abide by the Law no matter what our Parliament says and what the voice of the British Public says.

I ma not a great lover of Cage Fighting and think MMA is all things to all men but would I want to ban it NO if people want to do that sort of thing as long as it has regulated rules it is their business not mine yet France banns it read the link

The point I am trying to make is we all need to be vigilant as this type creeping bureaucracy soon can become law a prime example is the EU who would have thought in 1972 when joined the Common Market that we would eventually be part of a Super State with much of  our freedoms to decide our future being being decided by bodies outside GB

Martin Clarke   

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