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Clon Carrott Bulgaria 2003


OXFORD Judo 1960's Judo World mag

The Competitions was in Oxford Town Hall in the late 1960's

Judo World was a magazine I produced for BJC(MAC) in the Mid 1970's had some interesting articles which i will reproduce at a later stage

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British Sambo Open 2017

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Presidents Report Combat Sambo Report

Presidents Report 2016

National Coach John Clarke continues to promote Course and Competitions at the BSF Centre of Excellence in Sittingbourne with some success, he along with Colin Carrott have visited other areas including Northern Ireland  to promote Sambo.

Main events of the Year have been the British Sport Sambo Championships held in Sittingbourne and organised by the BCSA and was a great success, The first separate British Combat Sambo Championships was organised by the Liverpool based UKSA although not a great turnout it was still a success as a stand alone competition as Combat Sambo in the UK is still in its infancy. The 3rd Presidents Cup in Edinburgh brought Sambo to Scotland but did not attract the Spectators. This year it was a Scottish Team as opposed to a British Team and were unplaced but Coach Johnny Imrie has some good players which should be a boon to the BSF. 
The major event of the year was the World Championships in Bulgaria BSF had 2 Sport Sambo fighters and 4 Combat Sambo fighters. Once again we never made the medal table but a good performance from Ryan Cottom and Matt Clempner. Without sponsorship I think it will be difficult to produce World Class Players.

Next years World will be in Sochi Russia in November, Europeans in Belarus in May , Youth and Junior Worlds Serbia if we are to get future champions we need to send players to this event, World Masters Greece October. To be considered for any of these events players must compete in British Open in March

The problem we have is that we get no Government Aid and we have not got a sponsor, so everything has to be self-funding including training. I am in the process of contacting Russian Companies in the UK for sponsorship.

The BSF Instructors Award scheme has attracted Sambo players who want a Government recognised qualification at also brought in such needed finance to the BSF. This scheme standardizes Sambo Coaching in the BSF and it is hoped all BSF affiliated bodies will get involved..

Affiliated Associations for 2017 are British CombatSombo Association, British Grappling Association, English Sambo Federation, Sambo Union of Great Britain, United Kingdom Sambo Association, Federation of Russian Martial Arts, Scottish Sambo Federation, and RedStar Sambo. 
President of Northern Ireland Sambo Federation Chris St John has retired; he has financed the NISF for several years. His ordination in the Ministry does not allow him the time to carry on with Sambo but he tells me he is working with a member who hopes to take over the reigns in the next couple of Months. One of he great things with the BSF is it is a Federation of Associations and Societies  and so can allow other Samboist to form their own organisations and affiliate under the auspices of the Governing Body the BSF,

Report Combat Sambo:
Mathew Clempner 

Sambo Wrestling (Sport) is a participant Sport where Combat Sambo is a Spectator Sport' was a statement both the President (Martin Clark) and myself agreed upon. Combat Sambo attracts a special kind of Athlete. Many may aspire to it but few could be World class. 
On saying that the success we in the BSF with CS (Combat Sambo) in 2016 has been great considering the little time we've had, 2015 a World 5th place, The Dutch open 2 Golds ! silver and 1 bronze.
The 2016 British Combat Sambo Championships hosted by Sambo UK in Liverpool was a fantastic success well done Sue and Adam! Many people I've spoken to class CS as a step towards Pro MMA however CS is technically better in many ways.
Our results at the 2016 World Championships were not as good as we at capable of I feel.  
With all this in mind I have made some observations.
1 We need specialist development in the CS not just good wrestling coaching we need CS referees and coaches.  
2 We need strong international comps and training to improve our chances of World/European medals.
3 Since all this is self funding we need to create pathways into the professional world to encourage the right fighters to invest. 
4 The important for us to encourage entry to high profile events like the British Open must not be over looked as a medal at these events will in the future add to  Pro fighters' CV.

Martin McDwyer a student studying Sports Science at Salford University

I’m planning on doing a dissertation on the strength and fitness characteristics of a Combat Sambo fighter. For this i will need at least 15 subjects, who will be subjected to a battery of physiological tests in the strength and conditioning laboratory at Salford University. As far as i know this kind of testing has never been done for combat Sambo, and could prove invaluable in the prescription of exercises to enhance performance in combat Sambo. I believe this study could also promote Sambo/combat Sambo as a sport in the UK, and also show the world that the UK is bringing Sambo into the mainstream of martial arts here. I would like your assistance in contacting the other coaches from across the UK to help recruit candidates for my study which will be done later in the year, candidates must have trained in combat Sambo, and those who have competed whether successfully or not. All the results will be shared with the subjects and the satisfaction of knowing they’ve took part in the first study of this kind will also be conveyed.

I look forward to speaking to you regarding this matter soon.


Martin McDwyer

 SSF report.
2016 was a good year in Scotland for Sambo with a successful Scottish Championships and the Presidents Cup, firstly the Scottish Championships attracted players from far and wide, although there was a small amount of controversy regarding the wearing of correct kit by a club who has had a long relationship with Sambo in the U.K. No player will be allowed to compete unless they have the correct kit, it's as simple as that.
The Presidents Cup in Edinburgh was a great success and the SSF are still getting feedback from it, the only concern was the lack of spectators! This year's standard of Sambo was was very high and all fights were excellent.
Sambo in Scotland will be heavily promoted in 2017 through the RedStarsambo website and also the SSF website which is about to go live at the end of January. We now find that there are plenty of people who claim that they have done Sambo or are Sambo champions or have coached Sambo champions. The big problem is getting numbers to join, every player who wants to compete who are not members of an affiliated group are happy to pay an extra £5 on top of the competition entry fee, so this has to be looked at. After a two year absence the Scottish Sambo Championships were a great success, the tournament was fully sponsored by Dumfries Powder Coating.
Johnny Imrie has started Sambo 93 in Edinburgh, Johnny has a good relationship with Judo Scotland and will be a good asset to Sambo in the U.K. Vadim Kolganov helped with the Refereeing of the Scottish Championships and the organising committee of the Presidents Cup and we will try to get him on board with the Scottish Sambo Federation for the future, Vadim has also arranged 2 coaches of the Russian National team to visit Scotland in February for a Sambo Seminar.

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Nobby & Margret Clarke

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Sport Sambo Instructors course

British Sombo Federation

BSF Sport Sambo Instructors Course

Instructors John Clarke Colin Carrott

Saturday February 11th 2017

12-noon -5pm

British Sombo Federation Centre of Excellence

Swale Martial Arts Club

127 East Street



ME10 4BL


This course will take you to a Level 1 BSF Instructor

BSF Instructor Award is the only award recognised by the Governing Body and FIAS (International Sambo Federation)

The British Sombo Federation is the recognised Governing Body for Sport Sambo, Combat Sambo and CombatSombo

Course Fee is £50

BSF Examination/Registration Fee £30

All candidates, must be a member of a BSF Affiliated Association

This is your chance to get a Governing Body recognised Qualification

Entry Fees To

John Clarke c/o 118 East Street Sittingbourne ME10 4RX

Closing date February 3rd 2017

Cheques payable BCSA or Paypal

Further information John Clarke 07825 224940

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