Saturday, May 30, 2015


Child Black Belts and BGT

On Face Book there has been a debate on Black Belts for Kids and the Child on BGT Martial arts Dance here is my reply

Swale Martial Arts Club A competitive Black Belt is quite 

easy to Judge You set a standard and the students obtain 

that standard. i.e You compete against ex amount of 1st Kyu 

(brown Belt) you beat them you are promoted, a system we 

use in Sambo. Most Judo organisations also include some 

theory/Philosophy i.e Kata. So age should not come in to it 

BUT the body does if you are competing in a physical sport 

then you must have the physical strength and strength of 

mind etc to compete against all comers that is why most 

competitive grappling sports have an age limit because it 

would be dangerous for say a 12 year old 50 kg player to 

fight a 80 k 20 year old. With regard to theoretical grades 

there must also be some degree of strength and power so 

the techniques they use are effective but what concerns me 

me is that you can give a very young person a false sense of

 security in they maybe convinced that as an 8 years old 40 

kg Black Belt they can protect themselves against 30 year 

old 90k man? lets be honest most children's Black Belts are 

about making money and if parents want to pay the fee that 

is their business. A lot of Martial Arts Gradings are about 

Choreography. With regard to the child on BGT she done an 

extremely good choreographies routine and remember the 

show is about entertainment. 

The only relevance this act had to Martial Arts was she had

some sort of Martial Arts Uniform and sword. 

The routine could have as easily been with a Baton but then 

that does not have the impact of a sword. She was a very 

Good Dancer/Gymnast and I expect if she sticks to that she 

could have a career in Show Business because BGT is 

about Show Business not Martial Arts

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