Saturday, August 27, 2016


Bash Night

IBF Annual Bash Night
Friday August 16
Swale Martial Arts Club

The Annual Bash started some 40 years ago when Nobby Clarke 6th Dan (1927-1990) was running the Annual Summer Budo Camp at St Mary’s Bay. The Bash was where originally judoka from all over the Country and Europe would, on one night of the Summer Camp, challenge each other to a Contest or, as the Majority would say a Bash. In later years the Bash would be accompanied by the sounds of Status Quo to get the adrenalin flowing. In 1989 Martin, Nobbys son, took over the Camp, which after many years moved from the ACF Camp St Mary’s Bay to a new ACF Camp Dibgate Folkestone. About 4 years ago the ACF stopped hiring out the camp so rather then let the Camp die Martin’s son John (3rd generations of Clarkes) took over the camp and changed it to a weekend and held at Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne. The Bash Night has changed dramatically since the inception it now has other grappling skills taking part, Judo, Sambo, Kurash, BJJ

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