Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Sport Sambo Instructors course

British Sombo Federation

BSF Sport Sambo Instructors Course

Instructors John Clarke Colin Carrott

Saturday February 11th 2017

12-noon -5pm

British Sombo Federation Centre of Excellence

Swale Martial Arts Club

127 East Street



ME10 4BL


This course will take you to a Level 1 BSF Instructor

BSF Instructor Award is the only award recognised by the Governing Body and FIAS (International Sambo Federation)

The British Sombo Federation is the recognised Governing Body for Sport Sambo, Combat Sambo and CombatSombo

Course Fee is £50

BSF Examination/Registration Fee £30

All candidates, must be a member of a BSF Affiliated Association

This is your chance to get a Governing Body recognised Qualification

Entry Fees To

John Clarke c/o 118 East Street Sittingbourne ME10 4RX

Closing date February 3rd 2017

Cheques payable BCSA or Paypal ibfbcsa@gmail.com

Further information John Clarke 07825 224940 john_clarke@hotmail.co.uk

Will you be holding any courses in 2019.
Many thanks.
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