Saturday, June 21, 2014


Is He a Con Man?

Kung who? Mystery of the martial arts 'professor' handed an MBE - even though no-one's heard of him 

  • Leading figures in martial arts baffled by MBE awarded to Alan Thornton
  • Describes himself as a 10th Dan Red Belt in a form of karate 
  • But former karate champions have never heard of him or branch of the sport
  • Mr Thornton of Brentford, West London says his work is recognised around the world

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    To obtain an MBE/OBE you just have to get a certain amount of people to recommend you but I always thought there was some form of Checks and Balance? Obviously Not. It comes as no surprise to me as more and more people claim to be 10th, 11th and 12th Dan etc and they all get younger this one claims to be a 10th Dan at 53 years of age? The fact is you can't call him a liar as he is graded in his own Karate System. I started a Grappling Self Defence system called "CombatSombo' back in the early 1980's, I do grade people but do not have grade myself. How can I valuate my own ability? if asked what grade I am I just say I am the founder of the system. if then asked where my experience comes from I say that I am 8th Dan Judo, 6th Dan jiu Jitsu and a Grandmaster of Sombo/Sambo and winner of many World, European and British Medals. That is not meant as bragging it just states that I have knowledge and experience in other grappling forms.
    My CombatSombo is only unique in its name, that is a registered service Mark with the UK Trade Marks and that my emphasis is on Grappling as the main part of a Self defence discipline. I am well aware there is no such thing as a completely New Martial Art only variations on the original concept.
    So is this individual to blame for deceiving the Honours Award System most probably yes but the real ones at fault are the Honours Board for not checking him out and those who put him forward and all the signaturtaries if they exist

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