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IBF News

Dear Members

Membership for Individuals, Coaches, Clubs is due March 28th once again the IBF has kept the price the same as previous years, can I remind you that once your membership expires so does the Insurance. Membership decreased by 25 people last year , so we need you all to promote the IBF

Keeping people interested in what we do is becoming very difficult apart from the hundreds of different Martial Arts Styles and Associations; Society has change dramatically in the last 20 years. The Computer age has produced people who want something instantly and we all know to be good at Martial Arts you need to train long and hard. Standards throughout have also changed when I started Judo back in the 1950’s someone who had a Blue Belt or Brown Belt was held in awe then we moved to the 1970’s and a Black Belt was someone special the late 1990’s you saw the occasional Red & White Belt an honour bestowed on exceptional Martial Arts Practitioners, now it seems that this high accolade is given just because of longevity rather then ability, we even have 6 year old Black Belts.  So Martial Arts has certainly changed over the last 60 years is it for the better or worse that is for you to decide

The IBF recently held its AGM and the main subject was Judo, Greg Garside brought up the need for change with regard to 1st Dan examination this was discussed at length and was agreed to have a radical overhaul of the Syllabus this will be for our IBF Technical Panel of Trevor Davies 6th Dan, John Clarke 6th Dan, Colin Carrott 5th Dan and Keith Costa 4th Dan to organise and hopefully will be concluded ASAP

Miles Brown brought up the subject of Judo Referees and how we are short of these people; he also went on to explain the new IJF Rules, which seem to change on a regular basis. I suggested that a referee’s award be included in the 1st Dan syllabus this was roundly rejected. The emphasis should be on the Coach to encourage their student to become Referees

John Clarke said he running many small Judo tournaments in Sittingbourne which are very popular

Trevor Davies also told us of a Major Judo Tournament in Faversham organised by Faversham Judo Club the last one the club held was a great success and had entrants from many different Clubs and Associations

Colin Carrott will be taking Judoka to IBF Dutch Open in April anyone interested should contact him direct. He also said that IBF International have asked him and John to organise the IBF Multi Nations in 2019. This will be held at the Burston Hotel Folkestone. Colin will be running a Judo event later on in the year’ at the Venue in preparation for the 2019.

Please find attached forthcoming events


Monday, February 19, 2018


Open Jubilee European Cup

IBF Poland

 XX Open Jubilee European Cup for Juniors and Seniors 2018

semi contact / kata/ weapon kata/ synchron-kata/weapon synchron-kata/ 
animal-like kata/ DUO-System

Organizer:                                 IBF Poland; (Big Budo Poland Association)

Leader:                                       Wiesław Bigos

Main referee:                            Jacek Sobczyk (kata/ semi contact)

Date:                                           28  April 2018

Location:                                                Poland – ul. Licealna 17 a, 43-150 Bieruń

Weight in:                                             
28 IV – from 8:00 to 9:00 – Open European Cup for Juniors and Seniors

28 IV –  9:00   – Open European Cup for Juniors and Seniors

                                                 9:15 – kata, weapon kata, synchron-kata, weapon synchron-kata                 
                   animal-like kata/ DUO-System

                                                   10:00 –fights (semi contact)                                                
Age categories:
                                            Children:           up to 8 years
                                         Children:          up to 10 years
                                         Youth:                         from 11 to 15 years                                                                                                     Seniors:            from 16 years
Men and women categories. Synchron kata  – together. (No age categories, men and women together, three people in team). 

Weight class:   
Junior 10-11 years   
-25,-30,-35,-40,-45,-50,-55,-65, + 65 kg        

Junior 12 to 15 years           
-30,-35,-40,-45,-50,-55,-65, + 65 kg   

Ladies from 16 years   
-55,-65,-75,+75 kg      

Men from 16 years      
-60,-65,-70,-75,-80,-90,+90 kg

If there are not enough competitors registered for a certain weight category the organizer can decide to combine some weight categories together.

Registration to:              As soon as possible, however the final date is 22.04.2018
                          (post, by fax, or by e – mail).

            43 – 150 Bierun, Poland          e – mail:  wieslaw.bigos@wp.pl
            Oświęcimska 423 street                        

Registration fee:            15 Euro for Juniors and Seniors. Synchron kata 40 Euro for team, DUO System 25 Euro
Rules:                             Rules of IBF – INTERNATIONAL

Competitors:                  Each competitor is obliged to insure himself against accidents. Everybody starts on his/her own risk.

Equipment:                     Binding clothes – adequate to the style presented by the competitor. No T – shirt (only club T – shirts).

Referees:                                    Only with IBF licence.

Prizes:                            In all categories: ranks 1-3: medal and diploma; All participants will receive Diploma of Attendance
— for the competitor of the best technical skills  in each age category of semi contact fights, and kick-light fights;
-— for the best male and female participants of  each  age category,

Accommodation:           Organizer can book hotels for all the participants of the competition. Prices of hotels, depending on standard, are between 70 and 200 PLN (that is between 17 and 67 euro) per night, including breakfast.

Route:                            Organizer ensures sending the map of routes from hotel to Sports Hall for all interested people.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Sambo Training and British

English Sambo Federation 
Sport Sambo Squad Training at Sittingbourne
under the direction of John Clarke BSF National Coach
All preparing for the British Open in April

contact Colin Carrott delmaine@aol.com

Thursday, January 04, 2018


Folkestone Judo session

Over the last few years I have lost interest in Judo for many reasons. 1) My injuries make it unsafe for me to practice  2 replacement knees replacement hip 2) Having Taught both John Clarke and Colin Carrott  I feel they have learnt most of what I know so there is no need for me to Coach as they are both doing a good job 3) The continual rule changes by the IJF has made Judo  a different sport from 20 years ago that is one of the reasons I am keen on Sambo 4) the lack of dedication and the willingness to advance by today’s judoka is depressing.

So when Colin invited me to attend his Judo Bash at Folkestone I thought OH NO another boring afternoon. How wrong I was I walked I to the Hall with about 40 adult Judoka all of a reasonable standard on the Mat, the atmosphere was electric. This is why I started Judo some 60 odd years ago ‘this is what Judo was about. I even started getting up down in my seat as Judoka were performing good technique and with my 17 year old grandson Lewis just back for the Navy I could not resist shouting Coaching hints most probably to the annoyance of his opponents. Someone said it has been years since you have been so enthusiastic,, well that is true because here was a bunch of Judoka  who just wanted partake in Judo. They came from many clubs and several different associations nobody cared about the politics of Judo and lets be honest with the decline of participants in judo over recent years, all of us need to work together for judo to succeed. If you asked me a Month ago I would say Judo was dying after last Saturday Honestly believe we will see the steady rise of Judo and Sambo in GB

Maybe next time I will be invited to do a 10-minute spot.

Well done Coaches John Clarke 6th Dan, Trevor Davies 6th Dan, Colin Carrott 5th Dan, Oleg Sibilev 3rd Dan, Alan Lingham 5th Dan Chris Coulson  2nd Dan, Dick Scopes 5th Dan

Martin Clarke 8th Dan

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Finals O100k 1985 World Games Sombo

Monday, December 04, 2017


Megyn Kelly Supports 'Honor Diaries'

Sunday, December 03, 2017


Red/White Belt

I started Judo when I was 5 or 6 in 1955/56 or that’s when my parents said my brother and myself would do a bit after the seniors finished at Bowater’s. In those days there was no Junior Judo but I suppose the reality was I really started when my parents opened the first Junior Judo Club in the area in 1957 in a small hall in Milton Regis and was said you had to be Young at heart to that Judo thing hence the foundation of the now legendary Young Judo Club now there has been plenty written about that

So why have I brought the subject up? Well let me start by saying the highest grade in the area was Father Nobby and he was a 3rd Kyu green belt and occasionally we would have a Brown belt visit us and they were treated like Gods. As we moved into the 1960’s our Gods would be a Black Belt 1st Dan and as moved through the decades it would how many Dan’s you had. It must be the late 70,s early 80’s when a few notable Judoka became a Red and White Belt 6th Dan

Yet today picture on Facebook, Magazine, Blogs etc., there are a multitude of Red/White Belts. Now Red/White Belt was reserved for someone who was extraordinary to Judo, maybe top class international Judoka, a Coach who had trained many International Champions or even someone who performed Kata to an extremely high level. Yet today is treated as a Duty Of Right i.e. if You have served your time irrelevant of standard and ability you will be awarded your 6th Dan and eventually your 7th Dan and so on just make sure you stay alive long enough but I notice the age is dropping it seems if you know the right people or serve on the right committee your progress can be drastic. I believe Brian Jacks 10th Dan mentions this in his book or in a Press article Brian is an example of someone who should be a high grade

Obviously with many Judo organisations they all have different standards and I say to my pupils your Grade is only as good as the organisation you are with sadly not all standards are the same

My own organisations International Budo Federation UK has 2 registered 6th Dan Judo 1 registered 8th Dan judo 1 registered 6th Jiu Jitsu 1 registered 7th Dan Jiu Jitsu there has been 3 other 6th Dan’s who are no longer registered 1 died 1 is ill and one has retired, my point is that we are careful who we promote to Red/White Belt

IBF UK has been going since the 1970’s and we have a system where you grade to 5th Dan and above that you have to prove to a Board that you are worthy of the honour of 6th Dan or above. My son John was the recent receipt of a 6th Dan being my son I to be over caucus so he was sent the International IBF Congress in Belgium to present his CV. John had to prove he was an IBF member of long standing, prove his competitive success in not only Judo but Kurash and Sambo, he was asked questions on Kano, had to prove he was efficient at Kata, plus he could prove that he had been a Coach for 20 years and organised many Judo Tournaments. I deliberately did not attend the Congress.

I am not saying with should standardise all aspects of judo, I believe if you want start your own organisation why not we do live in a democracy. Every organisation should be aware their standards affect all of us. I remember one Jiu Jitsu a 2nd Dan starting his own organisation 8 years later he promoted himself to 10th Dan he was in his mid forties? Now some say he was Fraud well no he was not he invented his own style so he could decide what the standards were, obviously in my opinion they were not very high. It seems there is a catch up system at work i.e. when someone in a rival organisation gets a high grade a rival would claim the same level. Already in the USA someone is claiming to be the youngest 12th Dan I wonder how long will it before we have 13th, 14th, 15th Dan’s and so on, I notice we have several different types of block belts I recently saw a red and Black belt

I expect I will be ridiculed for this article but you will notice I never mention anyone by name or any organisation except my own, the purpose of this article is for all Martial Artists to face facts and not apportion  blame when a Red/White Belt will no longer have any kudos 

Martin Clarke
8th Dan Judo
6th Dan Jiu Jitsu

FIAS Sambo Grandmaster

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