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Muslims what to ban

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Photo's British Open Sambo 2018

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Photos Europeans Sambo 18


Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Japan joins IBF

International Budo Federation Great Britain Numbers have dropped slightly this year but by the end of the year I expect they will return to normal. What is interesting is the amount of Countries in the International Budo Federation International, 36 in all. What I find heartening is that the countries are diverse in spit of Global Politics we have USA along with Russia and Syria now that is a surprise. Our latest members are Japan headed by Dr Okoshi. Japan is a welcome addition to the IBF

IBF International has many events including a Judo Open Belgium In May, World Open Karate October, German Open Karate June. May next year IBF GB will be holding the Multi Nation judo Championship in Folkestone this will be organised by Colin Carrott and John Clarke. They tell me they hope to run a Judo events in November/December at the Burston Hotel to se if the venue will OK for the Multi Nations.

You can find out more about our International Body in Germany just click or contact us at

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ChiGarlic or Garlicchi

Saturday, April 14, 2018


CombatSombo first Filed 1988

In late 1970’s I introduced the CombatSombo system to people of the UK and formulated the British CombatSombo Association in 1985. It has been 30 years since I first that I filed the name and system as a Trade Mark it would be a further 3 years before it was finalised. The reason why I done this was so that my system could not be diluted and used with out my permission.

The CombatSombo was not a huge success but it has not been diluted and my representative in the UK is Allan Clarkin who is doing a great promoting the system and is based in Lancashire. One of the positive things, which had many people across the World participating, was my Camcorder Grading System, which allowed people to grade without leaving their Country. This was and is very popular the downside was that these individuals were graded but did not advance the system
A very positive development was when the British Sombo Federation changed their Constitution to only allowing registered Organisations to affiliate, this allowed the British CombatSombo Association to join and could legitimately say they were part of a UKSport Governing body. This allowed Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo players to join and be insured for all BSF events
The future looks very rosy with Allan Clarkin developing a Combat System and Sport Sambo/Combat Sambo becoming a growing integral part of the BSF

Any one interest in CombatSombo should contact Martin Clarke

Monday, April 09, 2018


Free BSF Sambo Course

The British Sambo Federation organised a Free Sambo Training day at the BSF Centre of Excellence in Sittingbourne Kent on Saturday April 7th 2018 The day was organised by BSF National Coach John Clarke and attracted Sambo Players, Judoka and BJJ practitioners. This was in preparation for the British Open to be held Folkestone on April 21st 2018

Anyone interested in Sambo should contact

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