Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Jewellers of the Northern Capital sponsor of the Presidents Cup

With the up and coming Presidents Cup about to come into fruition we sometimes forget that an event like this needs a lot of money and without sponsorship some events would never happen. So I would like to bring to your attention our sponsor "Jewellers of the Northern Capital", they already support Saint Petersburg Sambo Federation and now they are supporting the "Presidents Cup" The British Sombo Federation very much appreciate their involvement hopefully once Great Britain has seen the success of the "Presidents Cup" British firms will come forward.

Saint Petersburg-based jewellery factory Jewellers of the Northern Capital is the industry's leading company in the North-Western region.
The company was established in March 2003 in Saint Petersburg.
General Director and owner of the company: Timur Kabukaev.

Currently Jewellers of the Northern Capital own and develop three production sites:
- hi-tech chain and bracelet manufacturing site in Saint Petersburg;
- luxury diamond jewellery manufacturing in Saint Petersburg;
- cutting-edge jewellery production in Kostroma.
The company's mission is to highlight the character and beauty of a jewellery connoisseur. Our company boasts a wide line of jewellery products. Every collection made by Jewellers of the Northern Capital reflects the rich history of Russian jewellery tradition. When creating new jewellery pieces, the company's craftsmen try to anticipate their clients' wishes and to provide them the product of the highest quality with the best possible characteristics.
Thanks to its vast experience, cutting-edge equipment and team of professionals, Jewellers of the Northern Capital are able to provide the following range of services:
·      high-end jewellery manufacturing:
cutting-edge equipment in combination with advanced Italian technologies allow us to create jewellery of the highest quality standard;

·      jewellery design agency:
our professionals create pieces that are up to the latest jewellery fashion trends with their own unparalleled style and design;

·      luxury jewellery production and hand-crafted jewellery:
hand-crafted designer pieces are our particular object of pride; unique custom-made jewellery has an exquisite, one-of-a-kind look;

·      production of awards made of precious metals:
this is a relatively new business area for Jewellers of the Northern Capital, yet the company's experts already can manufacture tailor-made sports cups, medals and prizes taking into consideration all wishes and requirements of a client.

Jewellers of the Northern Capital is an official partner of Saint Petersburg Sambo Federation and an active supporter of this sport.

Saint Petersburg, Kantemirovskaya 5 D
Phone: +7 (812) 677-84-70;  fax +7 (812) 677-84-72

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