Sunday, June 22, 2014


John Clarke Hero of the day because of Sambo

Sittingbourne held its annual Carnival the longest and hottest day, I say Sittingbourne Carnival it should be called the High street Carnival, as East Street and Snipeshill seems to have been annexed from the festivities. I used to enjoy the Carnival and the Young Judo Club entered floats on several occasion, it would pass our Swale Martial Arts Club in East Street and Hundreds of people would watch the Bands floats etc., we would then have a party in the Club others would go to the carnival Dance normally at the Town Hall.  This year it was only by chance that I heard about the Carnival and was told it would not go through East Street again so no party for us and does anyone know whether there was a Carnival Dance?  Because now the Town Hall is to close its main Function Hall and put a Gym in its place where will they go in the future? The Town Hall used to be the celebrated venue for wedding, 21st etc. I can remember the fanfare when it was built, a venue for all the Towns People! So now you hire the massive sports hall, I wonder how many will want a wedding there?  The Swallows is great for Sports and Sambo/judo events but wedding and parties I do not think so.


One of the problems with the Carnival on a Hot Day is that our young adults are inclined to drink to access and with late night drinking the inevitable happens yes Punch Ups. Now I cannot say to much as a young I had my fair few Pub brawls but today it the extreme violence the want to nearly kill your opponent. Even now I use a sporting term opponent not enemy.
On Saturday at about Midnight a fight spilled out of the Snooker club with about 20 young men involved, my son John was sitting in Witherspoons with his girl friend when he saw a young man knocked to the ground with a man kicking him in the head while he was semi conscious on the floor with no one intervening. John said, “ When they started to jump on his head I thought enough is enough” he pushed through the mealy and shields the man telling the yobs he has had enough. While this was happening his girl friend got knocked to the ground, the Landlady of the Pub came to give First Aid and for her troubles she was knocked out, John had to carry her to safety eventually they all dispersed and the Police told John if he had not stepped in the lad could have been killed.

John who is the National Coach for the British Sambo Team done the right thing BUT he could have been knifed or beaten to death by these cowardly hooligans. The things that saved him was that he did not going fist flying, he kept calm and talked people down. John said afterwards "It was my Sambo training that kept me calm and in control" Well done John Dad’s proud of you

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