Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Judo Referees Seminar - Faversham results

The IBF desperately needs Judo Referees so I intend organising a Referees Seminar for Novice and Advanced Referees on Sunday August 3rd 10 am at the Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne. This Seminar is free to all IBF members but I do need some commitment of attendance so there will be a closing date of July 20th please reply to IBFBCSA@Gmail.com. The seminar will only last a couple of hours

Over the years Judo Refereeing and Rules have become very complicated, so much so that most Judoka do not understand them let alone parents and spectators. Strict adherence to IJF Rules are essential for Olympics, World , Continental and British Championships but for smaller tournament like the IBF ones there needs to be a much more relaxed approach. The most important aspect of any sports tournament is safety, followed by positive sport application. So the first thing a Referee and Judoka need to learn is how to score in a Judo Competition, followed by forbidden act that are dangerous or prevents fair play. The minutiae of the rules are unnecessary in small competition. So my course will deal with these items and prepare members to referee a Judo Contest. If you are interested in becoming a Referee to keep the Combat Discipline of Judo alive please contact me Martin Clarke 8th Dan IBF GB President

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