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Kent Open Sambo

Colin Carrott
Kent Open Sambo Championships

June 14th 2014

Capel Le Ferne Kent

This competition is organised on an Annual basis by Colin Carrott and the Spitfire Judo/Sombo Club. Although it does not attract a massive amount of competitors it is a good grounding for those who are new to Sambo. Colin does not apply a strict dress code for this event, as he wants to encourage people from other grappling sports such as Judo, Kurash and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This seems to work extremely well as Sambo allows many more techniques and can improve those from other disciplines skills
The best part about this competition is that it is done outside and give the feeling of more Folk style of wrestling event, very much what used to happen in local Fetes and fairs many years ago
and still happens in Cornwall with the Cornish Wrestling our own home grown Jacket Grappling Sport, in the North of England they still have Cumberland and Westmorland Wresting (Back Hang Wrestling) And in Scotland they have their Highland Wrestling. No one country can claim to be the founder of any grappling style; grappling has been practised throughout the World for thousand of years.
First off were the youngster in a multitude of different styles of
jackets all wanting to win a medal. With most Jacket Grappling sports not allowing you to attack the legs, the first thing kids from Judo etc. want to do is to do just that. Yet once they realised that this was not an easy option they tried some of the techniques form their own styles, obviously those who done Sambo used the leg grabbing techniques to great effect. The important part was they all enjoyed themselves and said they liked Sambo

Oleg v Danny
The Adults were divided into two groups Light and Heavy and all had experience in Sambo so this was to prove an exciting little competition. One of the new clubs to join us in the last few years is Nemesis Gym Mixed Sambo Club, which is based in Erith, the clubs founder and senior instructor Oleg Sibilev. Oleg is no stranger to Sambo he was born in Russia and is now a British Subject, he not only teaches all forms of Sambo but also instructs in Judo, MMA and Cage Fighting. His members are now entering Sambo and Judo events
Danny on the attack
with the IBF and BSF his club is very cosmopolitans and the event on Saturday we had Russians, Portuguese and Polish competing. I like many others people in GB are concerned about the influx of immigrants into our country but when people like Oleg and the other foreign players make the effort to integrate and become part of our dynamic they are welcome with pen arms they become our friends
15-year-old Richard Seaman of the Warriors Grappling Academy was the star of the Lightweight Men, instead of entering the Boys events he opted for the men’s events and won it in style. The World Cadets are in Cyprus this year and the BSF would like to send a team if you wish to be considered for selection please contact BSF
The Heavyweight group was very strong with the favourite Danny Carrott at 82k had to fight men a lot heavy then him, he won this event but it was very close. The fight everyone enjoyed was between Danny and Oleg who came out retirement to compete the last time he fought was 20 years ago. Oleg fought a very wise match keeping the pace slow
and out matching Danny for weight and strength at the end of the match it was Danny who won 2 positive marks to 1 with no other score.  The referee gives a positive mark when a player makes a near point attack that does not warrant a point. Colin, John and Oleg are already making arrangements to take part in Next Years World Masters

This was great event and enjoyed by everyone and the interest shown for the Presidents Cup in September was overwhelming. There are more Sambo Events to come in August there is the Scottish Open September Bedford Open and in December Southern Open plus we have a training camp in August, Sambo Blitz day in July

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