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Presidents Cup More News an Event not to be missed

Things are really moving for the Presidents Cup FIAS and our Sponsor "Jewellers of the Northern Capital a renown company from St. Petersburg" are really pushing this spectacular event. This will be the biggest Sambo Event in the UK since 1992 when the BSF organised the World Championships in Herne Bay. The event will have the Worlds top team RUSSIA taking part this will be a glorious festival of Sambo in an excellent venue extremely easy to reach by Motorway with free parking,tickets will soon be available at the ridiculous low price of £10 and the British Sombo Federation will have 100 tickets to give away to the most enthusiastic of our members. This is an event not to be missed


There have been revealed some new details of the preparation of the President's Sambo Cup in London to be held on September 27. The Arena in the Bluewater Shopping Mall has been reserved  for the event. The place is known as the largest retail park in Europe. About 10 thousand people are expected to be in the Mall on the day of the tournament, and they will not miss the Sambo competitions. The Scottish Royal Regimental Drums and Pipes Military Band will march across the mall and walk in the tournament hall dragging the audience with them.

The teams from Russia, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the united team of Commonwealth America and the united team of Commonwealth Africa have already confirmed their participation in the President's Sambo Cup in London. Teams of Azerbaijan and the united team of Commonwealth Asia-Oceania are also expected to enter. The teams will meet in the challenge for the Main Trophy manufactured by the main sponsor of the tournament, Jewellers of the Northern Capital a renown company from St. Petersburg . Managing Director and the owner of the company Timur Kabukaev, the man who is fond of Sambo and who genuinely supports its promotion and development, designed the trophy himself. .
For the first time such a prestigious tournament will bring together the national teams with the highest world ranking and newcomers from the Commonwealth, who are keen to prove themselves and win. They have already proven that their Sambo athletes are not cowards, so such countries as Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Ghana, South Africa, Australia and others promise to present a few surprises in combat and sport Sambo to the top leaders at the President's Sambo Cup in London.
The Bluewater Mall is known as the shoppers paradise. In the nearest future it will be known as a place where the President's Sambo Cup will be held for the first time in England.

This premises were chosen for a reason, - says FIAS Head of Development and Member of the Organising Committee Andrey Moshanov. - One of the main purposes of such tournaments is to promote Sambo and showcase its attractiveness to the ordinary citizens. The team format of the tournament allows to combine the sporting action and entertainment. There are few surprises prepared for the day, that should not leave indifferent even the conservative  Brits. I am confident that we can generate the interested audience. Moreover, it is the place where the British families go out for the whole weekend to visit boutiques, cafés and restaurants, to go to the cinema with the kids and even to roast in the sun on the lawns around the complex. We actually were attracted with the fact that about 10 thousand people are physically present in the mall at the same time, so many of them would surely like to visit such a tournament."
The organisers did not disclose all of the surprises of the upcoming event, but shared a one secret with the FIAS website.
- It will be impossible not to hear about this tournament, - says Leo Malim, the member of the Organising Committee of the President's Sambo Cup in London who is responsible for the marketing and promotion, - The Scottish Royal Regimental Drums and Pipes Military Band will open the event as they will match through the Mall and walk in the Arena. It is going to be loud and exciting, so attention to the sambo athletes is guaranteed!

The Organising Committee of the Presidents Cup continues the meticulous preparation of this prestigious tournament, with many distinguished personalities on its board to help, to include the Honorary President of the Commonwealth Sambo Association Lord Simon Reading, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Commonwealth Michael Parker, President of the British Sambo Federation Martin Clarke and few others.

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