Wednesday, June 04, 2014


President Cup News

News on Presidents Cup

Things are beginning to move with the Presidents Cup, we now have the Official Teams making up this unique Sambo/Combat Sambo Team Event to be held at GLOW Bluewater Dartford on September 27th

There will be 8 teams consisting of 5 Sambo Men u62k, u68k, u74k, u82k, u90k  -2 Sambo Women u64k, O64k, - 2 Combat Sambo Men u100k, O100k

The following 8 teams will be taking part

Great Britain
Commonwealth America (Canada, Trinidad, Jamaica)
Commonwealth Africa (RSA, Ghana, Botswana)
Commonwealth Oceania-Asia (Australia, NZ, India, Singapore)

An article will soon be following with details of the British Team

Commonwealth Sambo Championship 
Sunday September 28th 
This will be held at Dartford Judo Club. Organisers are Suresh Gopi President Sambo India, Lord Simon Reading President Commonwealth Sambo Association and Andrew Moshanov FIAS Technical Director. Details to follow

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