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British Team for Presidents' Cup

Bradley Belsey u62k

 Bradley Belsey is 27 and has been doing Sambo for 4 years now and Judo for over 20 years I hold a 2nd Dan Judo and have won many medals.  I have been British Sambo Champion twice represented GB at European and World Championships, I now train at the Warriors grappling Academy in Sittingbourne Bradley has also been a very successful Judo Player

Casey Belsey u68k

2x British champion
Competed at 2012 & 2013 world Sambo championships

U 20 British Champion
U 20 & U 17 English champion
7x British championship medallist
2x British team champion with Southern England team
Represented Great Britain several times
2nd Dan 

Ashley Costa u74k

4th Dan judo
1st Degree Sombo

7 x British Sombo Champion - u68kg
2 x British Sombo Champion - u74 kg
1 x multination judo champion -u73kg
Attended World Sambo Championship in Prague finishing in the top ten.
Have been competing in Judo, Sombo, Kurash, Freestyle Wrestling and CombatSombo Wrestling
Started competing 25 years ago
Young Judo Club Coach Sittingbourne

Danny Carrott u82k

FIAS West World Cup Champion
FIAS Universities World Cup Champion
5 x British Open Sombo Champion (In 3 different weight groups)
Dutch Open Sambo Champion
2 x English Open Champion
1 x Scottish Open Champion
Competed at 4 World Championships

3rd Dan
Kent International Bronze
Dutch Open Champion
5 x IBF Multinational Champion
Scottish Open Judo Champion

Have also been British Kurash Champion
Competed in Freestyle Wrestling, Pankration, Belt Wrestling, CombatSombo Wrestling, Combat Sambo.

Danny Roberts u90k Sambo
Judo 4th Dan Commonwealth Judo Bronze, English Open Bronze.  Member of British University Team
Scottish Sombo Champion x 5, British Sombo Champion x 2. Represented GB at 20011 world Championships

Emily Crawford Sambo u64k
Several Time British Sombo Champion, World Sambo Bronze Medallist, European Sambo Silver Medallist
A British Kurash Champion competed for GB in two World Kurash Championships
2nd Dan judo Full time Judo Athlete 2001-2003, National Silver medallist U78k
English and British Freestyle Wrestling Champion several times over between 2000-2010 at U72kgs/ U67kgs. In 2004  was pre-selected for the freestyle wrestling GB team for the Athens Olympics, neck injury meant I was unable to compete. In 2010  represented GB at the freestyle wrestling international A-tournament the bronze medal at U67k

Kerrie Penfold  O64k Sambo

Current BSF Silver Medallist
Judo 2nd Dan winner of many medals
Represented GB in World Sambo Championships 2013

Barry Gibson under 100kg Combat Sambo

Barry has been involved in judo for 34 years and holds a 3rd Dan grade, in Sambo he started his Sambo career with FORMA competed  and is a former British (FORMA) and BSF Scottish national champion, he's been a member of Team GB Sambo at World and European Championship, Barry  has amassed many Judo titles he owns his own Gym in Newcastle

Karl Etherington o100k Combat Sambo

Current BSF Champion
Professional Cage Fighter with many wins
Very Successful National and International Judo Player

Darren Richardson Combat Sambo Coach

Represented GB at World Combat Sambo Championships
World Masters Medallist
Master of Russian Fighting Arts
BSF Committee Member
President of Russian Fighting Arts UK

John  Clarke

 National Coach

John Clarke national coach
Age 40

Started Judo Judo/Sambo ages 5

Kent international bronze
National team championships bronze
IBF multi nations champion 10 times
Plus Area and national Titles
5th Dan

British champion twice and Grand Open International Champion

Freestyle wrestling
London open champion Twice

Belt wrestling
British champion twice

British champion 10 times
Basque open Silver Medallist
The only English man to enter all 5 age groups in World Championships
School boy Canada Unplaced
Youths USA Silver
Under 21 England 7th
Worlds Prague 7th
Master Belarus 5th

British Sombo Federation Master of Sombo
Has won over 400 medals in various Combat Sports also competed at Olympic Style Weightlifting, Karate and Boxing

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