Monday, July 28, 2014


Judo Fun Day


 Saturday July 26th 2014

Colin Carrott and Spitfire Judo Club organised yet another Judo Fun Day at Capel Le Ferne Folkestone. This has been an annual event for many years and the excuse is to have an outside Judo Tournament but with many other attraction, bouncing castle, bar b q, some beer waza etc. The event attracted Judo Clubs from all over Kent, with Juniors and Seniors Competing.
Happy Judoka

All though this is a fun day all Judoka take the whole event very seriously and there were some very good Matches. The event reminds one of the old days at local fairs and fetes where they would have booth boxing where a boxer would take on all challengers or like the Cornish Wrestling and Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling where tournaments were organised outside in the summer. These event were very popular 50 years ago and lets hope more of them make a comeback. In this day and age everything needs to big and sanitised “THE RULES MUST BE OBEYED” yet sometimes tournaments like this need to be brought down to a local level as they help bring a community together.
Colin and Sharon
Well done Colin and Spitfire Judo Club for bringing back Judo (a wrestling sport) to the Community.

For those who have not visited Folkestone can I suggest you visit the Harbour area where you get some brilliant sea food and there is also a pleasant little  Beach which we all went to after the event

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