Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Sports man insult the gay Kiss Games

So the Commonwealth Games or better known as the Gay Kiss Games has nearly finished, I have to admit it did not enthuse me and I did not watch any of it, the same was with the Olympics which I watched very little in fact I watch the Wrestling, Weightlifting and Judo, the latter was like watching paint dry most of the time except for our girl winning a silver.

What has annoyed me is the slagging this Games has got from some commentators and Athletes, of course they all deny it now the S@@T has hit the fan. These Games are not of the same standard as the Olympics how can it be when the competition is limited to Commonwealth Countries. It is entirely different event is is rightly known as the Friendly Games and gives Athletes who normally would not get the chance to compete in the Olympics, the opportunity to compete in an International Sports Festival and win medals. This is our Games remember the Commonwealth stem from the British Empire and these Games were originally known as the Empire Games. That was a time when were considered Conquers now we see ourselves as partners to all the Commonwealth Nations.

I get a buzz when I see an England Team as they represent my Country and yes I enjoy watching a British Team but that is not a Country it is a United Kingdom of the British Isles. I look forward to the time when Sambo is in the Games something not to far of.

Well done all the athletes and organises who worked hard for these Games. That doesn't include Barrowman and the idiot who allowed the Gay Kiss. This games will be remembered by this and not the performances by the athletes

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