Sunday, September 14, 2014


Celebs at Presidents cup

Dear colleagues, the British Presidents Cup is just two weeks away and there will be a Full House as all Spectators Tickets have gone thats 1.5 Thousand Spectators

The event will see an array of celebrities and dignitaries from all over the World coming to support SAMBO as a potentially new Olympic sport. Zara Phythian, TV actor, TV presenter, choreographer, Martial Arts practitioner, (...the list is endless) is one of them also we have Oleg Taktarov 

About Zara:

One of Europe's most decorated and highly revered female Martial ArtistsZara Phythian, a former 13 times multi-style sports Martial Arts Champion, is now one of the UK's most exciting talents working in Film, TV, Motion Capture, Music Video and live presentation. 

Zara was actually spotted in the USA whilst she was competing and winning 4 US National Belt Titles at one event. She was hired as an actress and returned to the US for an independent Sci Fi movie, where Zara found the 'actor bug' and retired from International competition to follow and study a continued career as a unique actress, with the looks of a leading lady and the skills that set her apart.

Zara holds two Guinness World Record titles and is the only Brit to be honoured and presented with the I.K.K hall of fame, amongst the likes of Bruce Lee, Jhoon Ree, Chuck Norris and Ed Parker to name a few. 

As well as acting, performing and presenting Zara also finds the time as a successful business woman to run two full time Martial Art academies and business franchise under the Personal Best Academy brand. 

Fighting Championships. Taktarov 
 UFC 6 tournament champion and holds notable wins over Marco RuasDavid "Tank" AbbottMark Kerr, and Anthony Macias. Taktarov is known for being exceptionally calm during fights and for using a variety of rarely seen, acrobatic Sambo take-downs
After temporarily retiring from mixed martial arts, Taktarov focused on his acting career, and starred in the movies 15 MinutesBad Boys II44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-OutAir Force One, and the 2002 version of Rollerball. He also appeared in the first episode of season 3 of Alias entitled The Two[7] and in the NCIS season 5 finale Judgement Day. He has also appeared in a few Russian productions, and was cast in a few releases from 2007, such as We Own the Night.[8] Taktarov also released several instructional Sambo videos and has made an instructional video with Vladimir Vasiliev entitled Russian Mega Fighting.[9] Taktarov more recently starred in Robert Rodriguez's franchise reboot, Predators, directed by Nimród Antal.

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