Thursday, September 11, 2014


Tom Starling UK Leading Jiu Jitsu Expert

Great News From Tom Starling 7th Dan

Tom is in charge of IBF Jiu Jitsu  in GB, he travels all over the World promoting his style of Jiu Jitsu. He has just finished his book  “Jiu Jitsu IBF UK – Official Syllabus” which is a must read for all Jiu Jitsuka.

He is already in the process of starting another club in Essex  and next Year he will be organising the Ultimate International Martial Arts Course which will be featuring the following:

IBF Founder Peter Schonewille

10th Dan, 

Willy Profjit 7th Dan Jiu-Jitsu 


Peter Bruns 7th Dan Jiu-Jitsu & 6th Dan

Judo (Germany), 

Jansuwz Wojnarowicz 5th Dan Judo 

Polish Heavyweight Judo Champion  

2 x Polish Olympic Squad Poland 

Eddie Mullen 8th Dan Judo IJF

International Judo Player Ex Olympic

Team GB (Scotland)  

Tom Starling Senior 8th Dan , 

John Clarke National Coach Sambo, 

BSF master of Sambo, 5th Dan Judo, 

5th Degree CombatSombo

This course will be advertised throughout the World and is not to be missed , full arrangements are to be announced but the event will most probably in June.

He is also organising a 
Spring Jiu-Jitsu Course  for the 4th & 5th April 2015 in York. He has modern Goshin Ju-Jitsu, Kano Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu being represented.
 If you want to contact Tom here are some contact details:

Twitter @Jiujitsuibf

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