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Presidents Cup Final Report

This was the First Time the Presidents Cup was held in GB and what a great success it was, this was the ultimate Grappling event seen in the UK. The Presidents Cup is competed for all over the World at different venue it was devised as a Show Piece for Sambo and Combat Sambo. This event is very much a Piece of Theatre with special lighting, entertainment and continual commentary. The event in the UK was 2 years in the making with FIAS, Commonwealth Sambo Federation and British Sombo Federation all working in harmony making this a well run spectacular event attracting 1500 spectators.

The Cup itself is a work of Art studied with various Jewels inlaid in Gold and was supplied by our sponsors "Jewellers of the Northern Capital"

Many VIP's such as Alexander Dmitriyevich Zhukov Deputy PM of Russia and Chairman of Russian Olympic Committee, Vasily Shestakov FIAS President, Lord Simon Reading CSA President, Andrei Klyamko, Alex Kuznetsov, John Whittingdale OBE. MP. Chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee,  Sir John Randle to name a few. This was the first time that Sambo has attracted this quality of VIP to an event in GB

Originally the event was to be staged at the Old BishopsGate in the Centre London but after much deliberation the organising committee felt to attract a large audience it was better to find a venue, which was more attractive and easy to reach, and Andrew Moshanov's suggestion of THE Glow Dartford was thought ideal. The Glow is part of the Bluewater Shopping Centre easy to reach by motorway and had free parking.
British Team and Officials 

The event had two mats and the competitions was divided into two section Division 1Teams were Russia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Division and Division 3 teams Great Britain, Commonwealth Africa, Commonwealth America, Commonwealth Australasia/Asia. The top mat was designated to the Division 1 Teams these were the Showpiece teams who were here to impress which they certainly did. Yet it was the Division 3 teams that created the most interest with a very patriotic audience waving their Union Flags. This group was very evenly matched with all them wanting to reach the Finals against the Division 1 winner all them were realistic knowing that the idea of beating the Division 1 Professionals was somewhat remote. Their pride was winning their group this in itself was a major achievement
British Sambo Team was Bradley Belsey u62k, Casey Belsey u68k, Ashley Costa u74k, Danny Costa u82k, Danny Roberts u90k, Emily Crawford u64k, Kerry Penfold o64k Combat Sambo Barry Gibson u100k, Karl Etherington o100k

The UK First match was against Teams Commonwealth Africa and
Ashly recovers
what a start, with wins for Bradley Belsey, Casey Belsey, Ashley Costa, Kerrie Penfold, Danny Carrott, Danny Roberts, Barry Gibson and Karl Etherington. So 8 win’s for GB what a result which the audience giving them a standing ovation
Next was GB v Commonwealth Team America with 7 wins for GB. This group produced one of the devastating throws of the tournament, Ashley Costa has won many British Titles in Sambo,
Kurash and Judo and this was his last tournament as he was to retire after the event, he favourite technique is a pickup. So it was ironic that he was caught with own throw and he was thrown so hard that he rendered unconscious, I am glad to sat he recovered very quickly.
So the British Team achieved what it set out to do make the Final, which was with Russia. Russia had competing with Kazakhstan, Belarus and Azerbaijan, this group was impressing the audiences and VIP's a like. As expected the GB team lost 7 to 2 but have to be honest our 2 wins were because the Russian players withdrew through injury. Yet the GB team fought their hearts out and the British Sombo Federation were very proud of their team and as National Coach John Clarke said no one could have expected more

Medal Winners

The whole was a tremendous success and to get a real favour of the event please look at the photos’ and Video Clip and hour long but worth the watch. Talk is that the event may happen again next year in the UK if this is true I am sure it will be bigger and better.

Final Result:

1st Russia
2nd Great Britain
3rd Commonwealth Africa
3rd Belarus

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