Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Awesome you must be joking

I found this on a Facebook page and have to admit I have no idea what Grappling Style they are doing but what I have to say it is extremely boring, extremely bad grappling. The Heavyweights should sack their Coach no way should men that size lose to a kid of that size. The only thing I can think of they were complete Novices none of them had an idea of throwing, none of them had an idea of how to turn over and pin an opponent at least the kid could do an arm lock BUT to call this awesome is ridiculous. This does nothing to enhance Grappling at least it wasn’t Judo or Sambo

The other thing about some of these events is the way people just mill around the mat at one point a guy steps on to the mat to take a photo. A right shambles this used to happen in Judo about 40 years ago thank God it doesn’t happen now. 

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