Saturday, November 08, 2014


Is JUDO/SAMBO to tough and to cheap?

I often complain that that people are not entering Competitions and the response is people can't afford it. Well we charge  from £5 to £15 to enter a tournament depending on Venue those prices have been the same for 20 years. Now compare that with the recent BJJ London International at Crystal Palace where I am told there were over 700 competitors if you wanted to enter the Gi and No Gi event the cost was 210$ that approx. £132 and Judo/Sambo Coaches say our events are expensive. It always amazes me that people resent paying a few pounds for a Competition or Lesson but will pay over £100 for kit.

The picture shows that there are people who enter competitions this was a World Championships by organisation called WTKA. The turn out was good but the organisation looks in turmoil and nothing like any World Championships I have been to but they did get the numbers

Maybe Judo and Sambo is to tough for the modern day individual, I know I have lost Judo/Sambo players to MMA and BJJ because they do not like the throws. So should I change? NO what attracted me to the Two Disciplines of Judo/Sambo nearly sixty years ago was the high throws and I still get a kick out of seeing a perfect throw something I do not get when watching a pin or submission

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