Sunday, November 30, 2014


World Congress


Narita Japan

This years FIAS Annual Congress was held in Narita Japan the Land of the Rising Sun

This years Congress was the biggest ever with nearly 100 countries participating and the main speech was given by President Vasily Shestakov in which he explained how much had been done to promote Sambo throughout the world. The things that caught my attention was that many countries had full size mats donated to them Great Britain was one of them. President Shestakov had travelled throughout the World promoting International Sambo his energy is outstanding because not only is he FIAS President he is also a member of the Russian Duma. Two events he praised was the Presidents Cup held in England and the Beach Sambo in Phuket . A very impassioned speech was given by Vice President Andrey Klyamko, sometime we see these FIAS Committee men as just Suits we forget how many of them have a great deal of passion and heart for Sambo, his speech really impressed me and many of the delegates

Andrey Klyamko

FIAS the World governing body is going from strength to strength just to think in 1992 Martin Clarke and the BSF hosted the World Championships in Herne Bay with less the 20 countries and now we have nearly a 100 countries. Very few people in the Martial arts World has heard of Sambo then now in GB there is not a Martial Arts/Grappler in GB who has not heard of Sambo/Combat Sambo. So much is the popularity of Sambo that we now we have a string of clubs claiming to do Sambo as they say “Impersonation is the greatest form of Flattery”  but why make do with a copy when you can have the original, that’s why people train with the BSF

The FIAS Congress presented Martin Clarke with a special Plaque. “For outstanding organisation of the President's Cup and the Worldwide Development of Sambo”.  Although this was presented to Martin it was also a big thank you to those who had helped at the event as with out the help of everyone no one individual could have run the event The Presidents Cup was not just a Competition it was an extravaganza and hopefully will be repeated in the same venue next year. This was the first time many people from GB had met people from Russia and found them to be decent people.
Martin with President Shestakov

Next year events were discussed the 2015 World Championships will be held in Morocco and the Sambo will be included in the European Olympics, I also heard that the Japanese Government want Sambo to be a Demonstration Sport in the 2020 Olympics and this will be backed by the Russian Government. Our ambition to become an Olympic Sport is moving closer
BSF President Martin Clarke, assisted by English Sambo Federation President Russell Dodds and Scottish Sambo Federation President Robin Hyslop, represented Great Britain

Russell Robin Martin

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