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Could this be a NewApproach to Strike/Grapple?

I have just received an interesting email from a previous IBF Member Matthew on the Subject of MMA and Shiai Jutsu. It seem that we are both speaking of the same hymn sheet, MMA is all things to all men it not recognised as a sport by UKSport so lacks creditability. I will admit there are a few people out there trying to formulate a creditable Combat Discipline but they are far and few between I wrote a report in  2012 & 2013 on the issue

My hope was that F.I.L.A would eventually become the creditable governing body for MMA making it a standard universal combat discipline but it seems that they have now taken it of their list of Wrestling Sports, relying on the ancient sport of Pankration. Many believe that Pankration was the forerunner of MMA

After speaking to Matthew we will be introducing a new Competitive Combat Disciple under the auspices of IBFUK with a different format to existing Strike/Grapple Sports. The new format we hope will be more suitable to the ordinary Combat Practitioner who does not want the focus on Knockouts and over excessive strikes, we have name for this discipline but is under wraps till we register it as a Trade Mark so avoiding the problem of what MMA is

Dear Martin

Good speaking to you on the phone a few weeks ago. I've being doing lots of thinking and I want to discuss an idea with you. 
I've been training for 15+ years in Judo, Sombo, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Freestyle wrestling, submission wrestling etc.
I was always a fan of MMA, particularly during the days of Price and Shooto in Japan. But in recent years my interest in MMA has decreased.

I feel like the 'wrong crowd' is gravitating towards the sport. A thuggish culture and the prevalent use of steroids is destroying the MMA scene. This is particularly true in the UK. This is not to take anything way from the athletes involved in the sport. MMA is becoming less and less accessible to normal people interested in a grapple and strike format. 

For some people MMA is a nebulous term for a blood lust gladitorial contest.
MMA has put a large number of everyday people off martial arts. 
I have always been interested in the element of Budo in martial arts. I think martial arts with a strong Budo philosophy can have a positive influence on people's lives. 
Sustaining a marital arts club can be difficult. Success often boils down to popularity. Often the popularity of grappling arts can wane whilst sports like Taekwondo and Kickboxing remain popular with everyday people.
I always loved Sombo. What you are doing with Sombo is fantastic. The Presidents Cup looked like an excellent event.

Combat Sambo is excellent competition format. Lots of people are interested but few end up actually competing. 

I think this is because Combat Sambo is very tough and competitive. It think it will always be a niche sport. This format has it's place but it's not for everyone.
As I get older my aims in martial arts are to have fun, grow as a person and avoid injury. I already have lots of permanent injuries from Judo, Wrestling etc. 

I want the martial art I’m involved in to have a sense of Budo permeating throughout it. 
This led me to seek a format in which I could practice a wide variety of technique in a safe format.

There were lots on offer but non-exactly in the format I hoped for.
I noticed your article in 2012 about re-starting Shia Jutsu.

 You have told me before about your problems with the format, but also mentioned starting it again. 
I want to suggest the idea of a new training format that would avoid your previous problems with Shia Jutsu.

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