Thursday, December 18, 2014


IBF Judo/British Sombo AGM

The IBF Judo Gathering will be at 3pm Followed by the BSF AGM at 5pm
Venue will be at Judd’s Folly Hotel details below for directions and Hotel booking. The Warrior Grappling Academy, Spitfire Grappling Academy and Young Judo Club will be holding heir Annual Awards in the evening for Tickets contact John Clarke  07825 224940

 IBF Judo Gathering

Saturday January 31st 2015
This will take place at Judd’s Folly Hotel

The Gathering will concentrate on
1) The IBF concept of Judo Rules the main discussion will be do we accept the IJF Rules or devise our own rules based on previous IJF rules?
2) Junior Judo Grading Syllabus do we keep  a National System or allow clubs to devise their own?
3) If we accept IJF rules is Kata relevant considering many of the Technique are now banned from Judo
4)                  A.O.B

Saturday January 31st 2015
Judd’s Folly Hotel


President Addrew
Treasurers Report
Secretaries Report
Reports from England, Scotland, N Ireland
Sport Sambo National Coach Report
Combat Sambo National Coach report
Events 2015

Judd's Folly Hotel
Syndale Park
London Road,
Kent  ME13 0RH

Tel. 01795 591818
Fax. 01795 532595

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