Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Martin Returns to Coaching Sambo


Martin Clarke FIAS Sambo GrandMaster had an excellent competitive record in Judo, Sambo, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and weightlifting, he also had some success as a Coach. Yet over the last few years he has had a Knee and Hip replacement which has resorted in him becoming much more of an administrator being President IBF UK and President British Sombo/Sambo Federation.

His Recent visits to Japan for the World Sambo Championships and World Cadet Championship in Cyprus has renewed his vigor for Coaching and his great love is SAMBO so as of next year he will be Coaching Sambo Techniques on a Monday night 8pm at his Sittingbourne Club

Time for a Change

The recent Presidents Cup and World Cadet Sambo Championships has created a renewed interest in competitive Judo and Sambo and the Warriors Grappling Academy/Young Judo Club which is based at the British Sombo Federation Centre of Excellence Eat Street Sittingbourne are taking advantage of this renewed enthusiasm. With extra lessons and a changed timetable.

John Clarke 5th Dan Judo/Master of Sambo Competitive Judo/Sambo night on a Tuesday has always been successful but to increase this success the class will start at 8.15 and finish 10pm plus he will be adding an extra night which will be Thursday 7.30pm. So two tough nights for those who want to achieve International success

George Loscombe MMA Class, which includes Combat Sambo, will continue on a Wednesday at 7.30pm and Keith Costa’s Family Judo class will continue on a Friday night at 7.30pm.

Keith Browns Theory Judo Night will move to a Monday 7pm and a new Sambo Techniques class will start on a Monday 8pm

Of course all our Junior Classes will continue Tuesday Judo for the 5,6,7 years olds 7pm and 8 years and above 7pm. Wednesday Junior Sambo 6.30pm. Thursday Junior Judo 6.30pm

Our Junior Shotokan Karate class continues on a Saturday at 10.30am with Paul Sargent 3rd Dan

We also have a new Kyokushinkai Karate Class at 1pm on a Saturday

This will all start in the new year But the renewed vigour in the Club because of SAMBO reminds us of our heydays of the 1980’s when the club boasted 600 members one wonders if we are returning to those days if it is the case it is thanks to Sambo

Further Details or telephone John 07825 224940 Keith 07894 145187

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