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World Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo Championshops

World Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo Championships

November 20th – 24th 2014

Narita Japan

Nakadai Sports Park Narita City Arena

Supported by 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology / Embassy of the Russian Federation in Japan / Chiba Prefecture / Narita City / Chiba Prefectural Board of Education / Narita City Board of Education / Japan Wrestling Federation / All Japan Judo Federation / Chiba Prefectural Judo Federation

One the of the Japanese Speakers at the Opening Ceremony  described the 2014 World Championships held in Japan was a home coming for Sambo, he went on to say that the roots of the founders of Sambo were with the Founder of Judo Jigaro Kano. One of the founders of Sambo,  Vasili Oshchepkov. Studied Judo with Kano when he returned to the Soviet Union he adapted what he learned to form a Grappling Self Defence System in which he included other Folk Styles of Wrestling from the various regions of the Soviet Union like: 

This became the Sport of Sambo and latter years the sport has included striking so now we have Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo the most dynamic of all Grappling Sports and you can see by those that supported this event The World championships was very well received. 

Also present supporting Sambo was three of the Greatest Judoka ever seen they were Yamashita, Kashiwazaki, Sato, these three were a massive hit with the audience and were photographed by many including some of our British delegation

This year competition was advertised as having 70 countries competing but as the days drew closer the numbers increased to well over 90 countries. 

The Nakadai Sports Complex was a large Venue big enough to take 3 international size mats, these Sports Venue seem the same the World over and have very little character. 

What did add character to the event was the opening ceremony of Traditional Massive Drums, these were used in War to Motivate Troops on this occasion it was to motivate the Competitors. The competition was very well organised and had some tremendous bout my only complaint was that the team were spread out over 5 Hotels and there was no chance of everyone getting together to socialise at the end of the competition this was a real anti climax

The British Sombo Federation Delegation was BSF President Martin BSF Vice President and English President Russell Dodds, Scottish President Robin Hyslop, FORMA Chairman Matthew Clempner, FORMA Coach Steve Crutchley, Competitors Barry Gibson Combat Sambo U100k, Matt Clempner u90k Combat Sambo. Barry and matt had part of their trip funded by FIAS. As the BSF get no funding from UKSport it is very difficult for our players to fund themselves, UKSport are only interested in Funding Athletes who win Olympic Medals maybe that is why participation in Sport in the UK is decreasing.
Barry and Matt

The first Day of competition saw our only fighter from GB, Barry Gibson and his fight lasted just 15 seconds, he was competing in the u100k Combat Sambo class and was matched against a Ukrainian fighter. Barry is the current Commonwealth Champions in this weight and at 40 was to have this as his last competition. You only have to look at his Facebook to see that he was in excellent physical condition. So what happened?  Instead of the normal start to this fights where the fighters try and feel each other out, Barry and his opponent got straight into the action. Barry made a round house kick to his opponents leg and at the same time the Ukrainian smashed into Barry's supporting leg, this took Barry to the floor. The referee in my opinion gave the right score of 2 points but was over ridden by the all powerful Mat Chairman who gave a Total Victory to the Ukrainian much to the disgust of Barry and the audience even his opponent put his hands up on disbelief. Showing great sportsmanship the Ukrainian went over to apologise and through an interpreter said he did not want to win on such a spurious decision. Sometime I have doubts these all-powerful Mat Chairman later on the competition they used Video playback when there was a questionable decision BSF were not aware of this if we had been we would have made a complaint

Let me explain what the Total Victory is in Sambo, which a sport based on true Combat, the logic is if you are on your back on a battlefield and your opponent remains standing you are a dead man. So in Sport Sambo if you throw or trip your opponent on to their back and remain standing you get a Total Victory. The Rules of Combat Sambo apply but as you can kick and punch it adds another dimension to the discipline for example if you can kick your opponents legs away and he lands on his back you get a Total Victory but his was "my opinion" not the case in Barry's situation his was more of a stumble to the ground there was no clear big throw and bang but the all powerful Mat chairman saw ii differently. Sometimes the Mat Chairman should awe to caution these players had travelled thousands of miles and at extreme cost, to lose on a very debatable decision into just seconds of a fight is deplorable. The Ukrainian lost the next round so Barry was out of the tournament, I hope this explains what happened and Barry is not judged to harshly. 

Last Day of the competition was Matt Clempner we had great hopes for him he had won a Bronze medal in Sport Sambo 2 years ago in the Over 100k. Since then he has dropped to 90 kilo and become a Professional Cage Fighter
His first match was against Libebe (FRA) who has medalled at several World Tournaments and is rated in the top 4 in the World. Matt a previous World Sport Sambo Bronze Medallist tactics were to take the fight to the Frenchman to get in close and use his throwing skills to the best of his ability. The Frenchman countered his attack with a superb 4 pt throw, Matt eventually lost by 12 pts.

His next fight was against Japan this fighter was a major worry to us as he only lost to the Frenchman by just 1pt but Matt surprise us all be annihilating him by 12 clear points. The Bronze medal fight of was against Uzbek sadly Matt was well beaten he was caught with a 4 pt throw, held down for a further 4 pts and then was picked up of the floor and thrown with another 4 pts to finish the contest. This last throw proved somewhat controversial with Barry Gibson and Russell Dodds who attended a referees seminar in Russia in October 2013, they were told this manoeuvre was to be disallowed, although we have since found out it did not apply to Combat Sambo. Yet  another rule change that has crept in was on the Hold downs. In the past if hold was given the time could pass the Match Time this has now changed and the Hold time must be in the allotted time zone of the match.

Video of the three days of Finals

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