Friday, February 27, 2015


CombatSombo Strike & Grapple

I have asked many people what they think of Combat Sambo, all of them have said they think it is a spectacular dynamic sport. My next question was why do you not compete? The answer was very simple they do not want the potential injury from the striking as many had to work the following day.

So I have modified the rules to my CombatSombo Strike & Grapple:
1) Knockout punches are not allowed
2) Full Face Head Gear and Body Armour to be worn
3) Strikes to Head Gear and Body Armour

Hopefully these rules will encourage more people to have a go at Strike & Grapple. I hope to run a small tournament sometime in the near future at my club if I get suffecient demann

Strike & Grapple

Total Victory:
Submission by Strangle, Choke, Arm lock, Leg Lock (Standing or on the ground)
Throwing your opponent on his back and you remain standing.

Points Victory:
12pt margin i.e. 12 pts. to Nil. Match finishes
Highest Score at end of time.

Throws can score 4pts, 2pts and 1pt
Hold down (Pin) 10 seconds 2pts 20 seconds 4pts. Maximum 4 pts. for pin

Striking can score 1 points for successful strike, 2 points for combination strike. Combination strike occurs when two or more on target strikes land in succession.  Strikes to protective helmet or chest plate only. Strikes are 'light continuous' contact. Full contact striking leads to disqualification. No uppercuts. Maximum 4pts. for Strikes

Matches will be 3 minutes for 8 years to 11 years, 4 minutes 12,13,14,15, years, 5minutes 16 years and above.
NO Submissions for 8 years to 11 years
On entering groundwork competitors have 30 seconds to reach a pin position or be in a submission position. Once the painful hold signal is given they have 1 minute to gain the submission.

Equipment: Judo/Sambo jacket, shorts, Sambo boots, instep and MMA gloves. Full-face head guard and body armour.

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