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IBF GB Annual Meeting

International Budo Federation Great Britain

Annual Meeting

Judd Foley Hotel Faversham

Saturday January 31st 2015

The Annual Meeting is becoming an important part of the IBF Calendar, it is meant to cover all aspects of the IBF GB but usually concentrates mainly on Judo. With the bad weather in the North IBF personnel from Scotland and the North of England could not get down, plus the Virus that has spread locally had a knock on effect on the numbers.

1) Most have agreed 2014 was a good year for IBF  Judo tournaments maybe not the big events of yesteryear but still large comps. Young Judo Club Open saw a return to the Swallows this was attended by over 120 competitors, the club tried to organise an MMA event but had no takers. Faversham J C ran their first comp in many years and this was a great success and one his planned for 2015, Spitfire J C hold an annual Open air competition very much in the line of the Old Fashioned Fair Ground scene, this is very popular especially as it is Folkestone closed to the sea. Bedford Grappling Academy Open Judo Comp had to be cancelled because of flooding and John Clarke’s competitions at the Swale Martial Arts Club although cramped are proving extremely popular. So the Judo competition scene in the IBF looks like being on the up.

Swallows YJC Open

2) Because of the interest in Judo President Martin Clarke 8th Dan said we have to make a decision on the rules do we accept the very unpopular IJF Rules or do we devise our own? The general census was that the IJF rules can stagnate Judo especially at junior level, some suggested that we would put caveats to the IJF rules. The President suggested this could cause Insurance problem if you deviated from the rules so it was decided that a Committee consisting of Miles Brown, Keith Costa, Colin Carrott and Russell Dodds would prepare a written set of IBF GB Judo rules with the realisation that these would apply for IBF GB events. There was also a call to get more Judoka involved in refereeing, there was a suggestion that Senior players are put first so they can assist with the Juniors this was well received. Also Referees and Table Officials would be expected wear White Fred Perry Top with IBF badge and dark trousers or skirt plus dark sock or plain dark trainers to be taken off when leaving the mat, all officials to wear lanyard. Plus all officials will given Food and drink during the day and have their travelling expenses paid for

Faversham Open

3) The next was yet again the Grading Syllabus, many found the Junior Syllabus was to hard and that juniors were expected to do more then the seniors. The President said that the Syllabus is there as a guide and not built in stone. All clubs do there own grading’s and set their own standards the IBF GB become involved when a Judoka attempts to make Dan (Black Belt) status. The Dan Grade syllabus is non negotiable and the first real step into Judo. The Kyu grades and Junior Grades are just steps towards that ultimate aim, obviously each grade are important to the individual but it must not detract from the ultimate goal. The BJA use a Mon System for Juniors, Mon we believe means a gate so each grade you pass you are opening a gate to the next step in your Judo path
4) Kata was discussed at length with in the Grading syllabus and it was felt that Katame No Kata was more appropriate as the first Kata as it was more practical and was not so physical. This was good point todays students are a lot more aware of possible injury but yet again below Dan grade it is up to the Clubs to decide their own standards. The President went into quite a lengthy lecture on why we do Kata. He emphasised that Kata is like a physical history of Judo and it is what makes Judo different all other Grappling Arts. Kata is about not just perfecting a skill but the perfection of oneself.

A very successful meeting and once again a discussion group that brought some new an innovative ides

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