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Sittingbourne WGA/YJC Awrads night

Young Judo Club Sittingbourne est. 1957
Warriors Grappling Academy Sittingbourne est. 1986
Spitfire Judo/Sambo Club Folkestone

Annual Awards Night
Saturday January 31st 2015
Judd Foley Hotel Faversham

The three clubs once again came to together to honour some of their members, the event was organised by Sittingbourne’s John Clarke 5th Dan and Folkestone’s Colin Carrott 4th Dan.

The Young Judo Club was founded by Margret and John (Nobby) Clarke in 1957
Warriors Grappling Academy was founded by there son Martin in 1986
Spitfire Judo/Sambo Club Folkestone founded 1980 by Colin Carrott

This event has become an annual Black Tie event and all those who have been presented with an honour are listed on the Honours board, this is something all members wish to appear on.

As per usual with this event the first portion is the Comedy Awards, this where some one in the club makes a howling bloomer through the year and taken to task. They are awarded special certificates and made to drink Chilli Vodka and eat Chilli Cheese

Then we moved on to the awards, the organiser of this years event was lead Coach John Clarke. John stated that the club had 2800 juniors and 1330 seniors  attending session in 2015 The Presidents Cup of Sambo, one of the most prestigious events of 2014 in the Word of Sambo had 6 players from the clubs as part of the GB Team a team that consisted of 9 players, Also we had three Commonwealth Sambo Champions plus several medallists. The clubs also saw several members become Black Belts and many courses and competition were organised at the two venues

Below are the Sittingbourne Awards; it is interesting to see we have a Scotsman and Latvian in the Awards list plus for the first time in some years we have Female winner.  The Clubs are becoming very cosmopolitan we have French, Latvian, Scots and Polish training with us, it just shows that people can integrate. The Awards have been an on going thing since the 1980’s

Margret (Oma) Clarke Award – Keith Brown

Young Judo Club Award – Hayley White

Warriors Grappling Academy Players Player– Paul Garvie

Club Person of the Year – Paul Garvie

Warriors Grappling Academy Coaches Player – Juris Lescenko

Further information can be gathered at www.youngjudoclub.co.uk or ibfbcsa@gmail.com

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