Monday, March 30, 2015


Easter Play and complaint on Facebook

I recently put the following article on Facebook and got a rather interesting reply see after article

My Grand Children go to a Roman Catholic School and they recently re enacted the Easter Story in a play to the parents, I just wonder how many School Children are taught the story of Easter or do they think it is just a time to eat lots of Chocolate?
I am some what perplex by the various Super market chains who refuse to show any religious content on their Easter Eggs, some say that they do not want to offend other religions but their main reason is they can not sell those with a Religious Content?
Surely these Supermarkets whose only God is money and profit must realise that Easter is a Christian Festival , a celebration of Jesus being crucified and returning from the dead to save us. Now you may not agree with that BUT surely it is hypocritical to make money out of a Festival you do not support?
Some of our Secularist faction believe that Easter should be banned as a Bank Holiday and a National Celebration maybe called the “Arriving of Spring Holiday” well sorry Facts Population of UK 63 million 2012 59% Christian 25% atheists agnostics do not and could not care 16% other religions. 371,70000 Christians (just over 37 million) Humanist/Secularist 28,000 which 0.044% . Give 20 Philosophers one question and they will come up with 20 answers and none have come up with the Philosophy of Christianity
Militant Secularist want the banning of religion they differ from a Secularist Country where Religion plays no part in Government but still values the part Religion plays in society. The laws, moral code, ethics in the UK are built on Christianity and cannot be forgotten

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