Monday, March 09, 2015


Judo ban MMA and Cage Fighting

If you are interested in Modern Day Judo here are two links you must read the first is from BJA Coach Don Werner I think I agree with everything he say so much so I have suggested he try Sambo

There are lot of things in this article where I agree with the IJF BUT what I do not agree with is the control the IJF and French want over their Judoka we are supposed to live in a Democratic society the IJF sounds like a dictatorship

Yet according to the article MMA is banned in France

The way I read it is that Cage Fighting is banned now to my mind that is not the same as MMA. MMA just means Mixed Martial Arts which means anything you want it to be, MMA is not a recognised style like Judo or Sambo. It is all things to all men until someone can actually come with a definitive answer to what MMA is how can anyone ban an abbreviation of Mixed Martial Arts? Many years ago I suggested that MMA should be registered as a product but I was laughed at. I said call this new style just MMA breakaway from the word Mixed Martial Arts if this had been done you would not have the problem you have today.

With regard to Cage Fighting that is a style which is literally fighting in Cage.It is not something I watch or enjoy but once again why ban it? if people want to watch, participate and if it is well run why not let it carry on.

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