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German Sambo Tournament

To all members of the BSF The German Federation is organising a Sambo Tournament in August this is open to all our members. You can make your own travel arrangements but must inform HQ of your involvement. This is ideal event for those taking part in the Presidents Cup and World Championship.

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German Sambo Federation eVSambo Association Schleswig-Holstein eV

International tender for the North Lake Sambo Cup on 1.08.2015-2.08.2015 in Husum

Organizer: Landessportverband eV / German Sambo Association /

Organizer: PSV Husum

Jahn gymnasium, 25813 Husum, Adolf Brütt-Str.2 Date: 08/02/2015 1.08.2015-

Objectives: dissemination of Sambo as martial arts in Germany

Inter Cultural exchanges between sports groups from other cultures

Program: Friday, 31/07/2015 - Getting there

Weighing 19.00 bis 21.00 clock (in Hostel)

Image Image Saturday: 08/01/2015 at 8:00 clock breakfast 8.00 -10.00 clock Weighing

Belated not weigh possible!

10.45 clock organizational meeting

11.15 clock Eröffn • clothes and greeting II .30 clock start the first round fights

Sunday 02/08/2015

1 1.00 clock beginning the preliminary round bouts

No Combat Sambo and veterans

14.00 clock finals

16.00 clock award ceremony

Monday 03/08/2015 Tuesday 08/04/2015

9.00 - 12.00 clock coaching and refereeing seminars and joint training FLIR local and visiting teams.

14.00-16.00 clock Joint exercises with naturopath

More information: www.bioheilung-erfurt.de

Tel .: 017662911959

16.00 bis 20.00 clock cultural program

Participants: Open to members from DSV II years with Sambo pass and JSM 2013. Belt Qualification Jaguar (desired).

Battle mode: round system according to the rules of the International Amateur Sambo

Federation (FIAS) -5min to 14 -3 to 16 -4 years, to 17 years

Rules & Regulations:

According to FIAS only an / e Samboka / erin is in the age-or.

Weight class, she fights he / she in the next higher age-or.

Weight class and received fiir or age-the weighted. Weight class no medal but a certificate.

Chief Judge:

Valerij Jurk

Chief Secretary:

Vladimir Naumann


by e-mail to: nn-662021@versanet.de or bi01966hei1en@1ive.de


07/28/2015. Later incoming messages or late entries will not be considered.

Entry fee:

15, - € per person to be paid locally.

Weight category:

According to the rules of the International Amateur Sambo Federation (FIAS).

Children: Vintages: 2004-2003 (11-12 years)


Vintages: 2002-2001 (13-14 years)


Youth: vintages: 2000-1999 (15-16 years)


Youth: vintages: 1998-1997 (17-18 years)



Combat Sambo and


Juniors: Vintages: 1996-1995 (19-20 years) and adults:



Should some weight classes be occupied by only one participant, this will be fighting in the next higher weight class!

Matt Number:



Medals and certificates Rir the places I -3 for 3 best teams cups

Accommodation options:

Information, please contact:

Andreas Wolff, from 19 clock reached 0,484,181,515, the Russian speakers to Valeri Jurk Mobile Tel. 01759185707


Host and organizer assumes no liability! For accident and liability insurance even care must be taken!

Health Insurance:

each Samboka must have health insurance!

Subject to change!
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