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Russell Dodds R.I.P.

Russell Dodds R.I.P.

I am sorry to have to announce the sudden death of Russell Dodds.

Russell was a great Friend of mine, IBF, BSF and International Sambo.

He first came to my attention many years ago as a Kyu Grade at the Bedford Judo Club as soon as I met him I knew we would be friends and an asset to the International Budo Federation and British Sombo Federation. Russell did have breathing problems and would often use a pump but this did not stop him achieving his Dan Grade in Judo and competing in Judo and Sambo events but his main success was in his organisational skills and soon became Vice President of the BSF with the aim of taking over from me as President he was also President of the English Sambo Federation.

We always say at the death of a friend they will be missed BUT I can assure you he will certainly be missed let me tell just a few of his attributes:

He founded the very successful Bedford Grappling Academy, he organised many Judo events in Bedford, he organised 3 very successful British Open Sambo Championships plus organised the Mats for the Presidents Cup. He attended many International IBF Judo events with his club, he also attended many World and European Sambo Championship plus FIAS Congress meetings as an official. Yet he never forgot his calling as a Coach and spent a week in St Petersburg training in Sambo, most of the time it was at his own cost in most of the competition he ran the deficit was met by him.

His last trip was to the Europeans in Zagreb a few weeks ago where he led the British Team and attended the European Congress. Most of the the trips he attend were with me the last being the World Championship in Japan November 2014. Russell was very much my confidant and on many occasions I would ask his opinion on different matters, he would have made an excellent President as he was very kind, thoughtful, diplomatic and rarely got angry, some of the qualities I lack He was also a very fun loving person for those who were at the St Petersburg World Championships 2013 will remember him leading the dance of between all Countries of the World.
Russell with Kano Kodokan Tokyo

When we in GB did not have a regular supply of Sambo Kits it was Russell who case to the rescue he started a company selling not only Sambo equipment but Martial equipment he was a doer not a talker.

Russell will be missed by us all but for me there is a big hole in my life which was Russell Dodds

When Russell gets to the Pearly Gates St Peter will say “Russell God needs an organiser and decent person l like you”  

Russell leaves a Wife and two sons, our thoughts and prayers go out to them. God bless them

Russell my eldest brother. ...still can't believe you have left me....why did you have to go??? I will always love you as we all will.....but take comfort from everybody's lovely words about my amazing brother xxx
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