Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Sambo at Defendables Martial Arts Course

Tom Starling organised THE DEFENDABLES MARTIAL ARTS COURSE at Blatches Farm Essex
John throw Colin with a leg grab something not allowed in Judo

This course attracted Senior Martial Arts Coaches from Germany, Holland and the UK and those who attended were treated to exceptional Martial Coaching
John and Tom 
The Venue was Blatches Farm this is a bed & breakfast farm facility with several cottages, a Tent/Caravan area plus its own bar and café. It is a very special place so much so the IBF will be holding their Annual Summer Camp their in 2016
Open wide
British National Sambo Coach John Clarke and British Senior Sambo Referee took the Sambo, which was extremely well received. Both John and Colin tried other Martial Arts as well

Pig Roast for the evening celebration
It was also a great honour to see 82-year-old Tom Starling Senior on the mat teaching. Tom was a great friend of  Nobby Clarke 6th Dan 1927 – 1990 and Margret Clarke 4th Dan 1926 – 2004 hearing old stories from the hey day of Judo and Jiu Jitsu was great to listen to .
Tom can still teach Martin Clarke a thing or two

Tom Junior invested a lot of money and time into this invent although not a financial success it did prove that there is someone who can still bring top class coaches together

The Surgeon told Martin not to go on the Mat for 6 months but he could not resist the temptation during a break to slip of his shoes and show a move 

This how to stop a nose beed 

Starlings with the Clarke Family

Even the youngsters took to Sambo Leg Locks

TOM Senior and Junior


Nice Dojo


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