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British Trials Winner 1978

Well I have done the lesson last night; have to say I was very disappointed with the turn out. 10 Years ago if I said I was teaching I would have been inundated with students well sadly no matter how good you were then you are soon forgotten. Have two more Thursdays to do and that will be me retired from Practical Judo shall remain as President and administrator
Sometimes you have to realise your time has gone and by the response to my lesson that time has long past, was asked by my son John to do his Tuesday lesson when he was on holiday but have declined.
Any rate the 5 who attended enjoyed what I did so will honour that commitment. 4 were very experienced Dan Grades Belsey Brothers, Debbie Jackson who I used to teach and Drew Cullen who I first taught when he was in his teens in the early 1970’s. Fifth one was my 16-year-old granddaughter Connie; I think I was bit hard on her, as she not even had a grading yet. She was not that happy when she left but Debbie has said if she comes back next Thursday she will help teach her the more basics.
According to John and my wife Val I can no longer teach the way I used. I was one of those who were relatively hard and expected people to work and listen. If they did not I would say something like “Why do you not listen I have told you many times or what do you expect when you do not watch or get your finger out and start working or stop posing around get stuck in wimp”.  This aggressive style of training for advanced pupils worked in the day but now I most probably get arrested for abuse. I am now told I should approach them in a more diplomatic and gentle way. Interesting when I was at my height 20 years my club had 600 members now it has 150.

So what did I teach well for advanced players I teach Drilling, that is continual practise of one technique, which in this instant was entry to JuJi Gatame followed by O Soto Gake into a MakiKomi? I tried a flying arm lock but as I could not demonstrate it was hard to explain. Any rate a couple of weeks to go and then that is the end

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