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Martin Clarke's Last Judo Lesson

Martin Clarke 8th Dan
Well that’s it my Judo Coaching Career has now finished and Thursday August 6th 2015 at the Young Judo Club was where I bowed out.  It was pleasing to see I had players from Sittingbourne, Folkestone, Faversham and London in attendance at my last lesson.

For some years I had lost the buzz I used to get from Judo mainly due to my injuries and the fact I found Sambo. I started under my parents when I was 5 years old and that was 60 years ago sadly both of them are no longer with us but I am sure they are looking down on me.  
Teaching Young Black Belts

In those 60 years I have trained, competed, coached and organised Judo but when you put your body under that sort of strain things will happen and as the wife says “God does not pay his debts in money” and my debt has been 2 replacement Knees, replacement Hip and Elbow operation. These finished my Competition career which was Olympic Judo Reserve Moscow 1980, World Jiu Jitsu Silver, 3 World Games Sambo Silver, World Sambo Silver, World Masters Silver and World Judo Masters Gold not a bad haul but I still missed the competition which was my first love. My second love was Coaching and as I was very competitive I achieved reasonable success with my Students but just coaching was not enough.
With Young Judo Club Instructors
Eventually I handed over to my Son John and left it to him and he is carrying on the success from me and his grandparents, yet I still missed the buzz and in the last 2 years the new IJF rules have completely demoralised me and Judo was no longer what it was
Pull around with Danny
Yet this last lesson recreated all my enthusiasm for Judo with 15 people in attendance I certainly got the buzz again. OK I did not get the 50 plus I used to get 10 years ago and most turned up to support my last lesson but it felt great, even demonstrated Uchi Mata (not a very good one I might add) and then had a 2minute pull round with Danny Carrott, still got the strength but the timing has gone. I was also very pleased to receive a plaque from Oleg Siblev and his London based Club Mixed Style Sambo Association, his comment was warmly received “I wanted to train with a Grand Master”
Oleg presents me with award
There will be some will think well Good he has retired! Well sorry I may have retired from active Judo but I will still be involved as President of the IBF UK plus I will still very active in what is now my first love SAMBO where I will remain as British Sombo Federation President and an active member of FIAS and if I get a Sambo Jacket big enough for me may still do the odd Sambo Seminar
Debbie Jackson has been with the YJC since she was 5 years old now a Judo 2nd Dan 
To finalise I would like thank all the people I have been involved with in my Judo Career it has been a great and enjoyable journey
1971 The Clarke Family all Black Belts.
John (Nobby) Martin Norman Margret (Oma)

Martin Clarke 8th Dan Judo

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