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President Cups 2015

2nd British Presidents Cup
 Event City Manchester

First in the South now in the North, the Presidents Cup is travelling around England to promote Sambo. Manchester is a very vibrant City their Town Hall where there was a reception was spectacular as were the Manchurian people.

The Presidents Cup was in  the format of a real sports show and festival, best described by two words: beauty and friendship. 
It promoted Sambo not just as a sport but also as a day of entertainment this is a response from One of the Spectators, an ex Army student of CombatSombo mine he is a very high graded Martial Arts Players specialising in Defendo he made a rather interesting comment
Dan Diamond 

" Martin as you know I have been all over the World and seen many Martial Arts Tournaments but this has to be the best ever and the reason Why is that you managed to make a standard style tournament into an entertainment event. with great lighting, music commentary laser show it has been brilliant"

Danny Carrott scoring 

Just before the start of the competition, the organisers surprised spectators and participants with an exciting laser show and a performance by the famous British DJ with the stage name “Liv Knight” aka Elizabeth Knight. Liv Knight, one of the five best DJs in England, has just returned from Las Vegas, where she successfully performed a series of concerts.  Event City was packed, just like the previous year. And once again, as in 2014, the audience included a lot of Britons of all ages - seniors, teenagers, families with children and middle-aged people
GB Team

The British Sombo Federation part in this spectacular was to supply Table Officials, Marshals, Referees and most importantly to select the British Team who were Debbie Jackson, Emma Herd, Bradley Belsey, Casey Belsey, Dan Diamond, Danny Carrott, Danny Roberts and Coach John Clarke. Last year the GB Team were pooled with 3 commonwealth Teams, they won only to lose to the Russians. This year there was just 6 teams but the British Pool was a lot harder they had a strong team from Spain and a Commonwealth Combined Team consisting of Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Cyprus and Australia. Their first match was against Spain who they beat 6 to 1. 

Father and Son
The next match was to be a hard one, which was against the Commonwealth and the match, which was to decide whether we could go through was the 74k featuring Englishman Dan Diamond in his first International Competition in the Sambo. Dan had looked very impressive in his match with the Spaniard but both Dan and Team Coach John Clarke knew his match with the Commonwealth competitor was to be a hard one. John had done a very good job coaching the British team and is very passionate so when the Spanish Referee made a debateable call, John made a very vocal and impassioned plea to the Mat Chairman to no avail. The British Team and the British Audience were sure there had been a mistake but there were 3 referees and there decision has to stand right or wrong, as you cannot have outside influences effecting the judgement of the referees.
GB went  on to beat the German Team to take a well deserved Bronze
Combat Sambo Belt

The British were waiting impatiently for final round of Combat Sambo, where Clempner was competing. But Mokhnatkin didn’t give them a chance to enjoy it - a hit and rush following right after it led to a knockout. The championship belt of the first-ever British Combat Sambo Grand Slam went to Russia, like the President’s Cup, which the Russian team will take back home with them tomorrow.

The evening before the Presidents Cup there was a reception for various dignitaries at the Manchester Town. The Town Hall was a stunning place if you ever get the chance you must visit. Manchester Town Hall  opened its doors to all guests and organisers, partners and friends of the tournament. The Town Hall is a beautiful building in the Gothic Revival style built in 1868. The grounds of the Town Hall are decorated with sculptures of people who played an important role in the city’s history, and yesterday inside the building were the elite of British Sambo - the people who have made and continue to make the history of this martial art in the UK and the Commonwealth. The reception was attended by Princess Catherine, who spoke warmly about Sambo as a tool for unifying countries and peoples at the start of the evening.

Several members of the British Sombo Federation were honoured by receiving Certificates “For Outstanding Achievements and Contribution to the Development of Sambo in Great Britain and the World” they were:

Martin Clarke, Matthew Clempner Senior, John Clarke, Robin Hyslop, Valerie Clarke, Keith Costa, Colin Carrott, Alan Kontozi.

A Posthumous Award was made to Russell Dodds who sadly passed away early this year and the organisers made special mention of him and the work he had done for Sambo 
Press Conference 

So what of the future will the Cup return next year? Where will it be staged? We wait with baited breath

More information and photos can be found at:

BSF Officials at Presidents Cup without them the Competition would not run

John Clarke
GB Coach
Rebecca Stock
Table Official
Colin Carrott
Channel Smith
Table Official
Adam Lintop
Sue King
Keith Costa
Comp Supervisor
Sian Chapman
Table Official
Hayley White
Table Official
Chris Soper
Paul Sawyer
George Loscombe
Robin Hyslop
Stephen Sweetlove
Vadim Kolganov
David Diamond
Jamie Marzetti
Stuart sands


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