Tuesday, November 17, 2015


FIAS Congress 2015

World Sport Sambo/Combat Sambo Championships
Casablanca Morocco
November 12th – 16th

The World Sport Sambo/Combat Sambo is divided into two sections the Thursday was the 27th FIAS Congress and from the Friday, Saturday and Sunday it was Competition event to find the 2015 World Champions

FIAS Congress this year was very important and we were told FIAS has 82 full member countries and 20 provisional members. This in itself shows how Sambo has developed over the last 30 years, in 1992 when Great Britain hosted the World championships in Herne Bay, there was just 12 countries in FIAS. In the early days of FIAS we could hold a meeting of Country reps in a Small Restaurant, which it often was, now we have to have a large meeting room with interpreters etc. to cater for the countries from all over the World.

Several very important issues were discussed especially the Calendar of Events I will circulate a full list at a later date, the next years World Championships will be held in either the USA or Bulgaria. Finance in Major sports Organisations is always a controversial issue but the Financial Report by Andre Klymanko was excellent, a very open and honest report something other International Sports Bodies can learn from.
BSF President Martin Clarke making a point at the Congress 
The major issue was that of the Legal Battle between FIAS and other group claiming to be FIAS led by David Rudman ( A well respected Sambo Player of the past)  and Mr Shultz. This battle has had civil and criminal implications and was very damaging for World Sambo. It was with great joy that the matter has been resolved without any of the above being proceeded. This was due to all parties getting together and resolving the issues. President Shestakov should be congratulated on this outcome as it proves that a good International President can put the interest of his sport before anything else and congratulations to FIAS Legal Commission led by India’s Suresh Gopi for taking World Sambo through these legal difficulties. Thanks must also go Dalil Essakali President of the Royal Moroccan Sambo and Tai Jitsu Association who organised the event.
Interview by French TV 
Some exciting news for Scottish Sambo Fans it was decided the next Presidents Cup will be held in Scotland in November 2016. For the past two years the Cup was held in Dartford and Manchester and was extremely successful the events came under the auspices of the British Sombo Federation. Next year to encourage Sambo throughout the UK the venue will be Scotland and will be hosted by the Scottish Sambo Federation a BSF affiliated group. Unlike the past where it was a British Team next year’s team will be a Scottish Team
 The coordinator for this event will be Robin Hyslop he has told me there will be a Scottish Trials in February to select a team for this event the trial will be open to all members who are Scottish and are members of a BSF recognised association. The format will be also different as there will be 4 Combat Sambo weight 2 Ladies and 2 Men’s Sport Sambo event and all positions in the relevant groups will gain points for an over all Winning Country

Also can I bring to your attention two Internet publication which have been very helpful to Sambo they are www.insidethegames.biz and https://www.joomag.com/magazine/sport-in-profile-uk-issue-10/0590499001443086811
FIAS also has its own Fan Club look it up on facebook and have your say

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