Friday, November 27, 2015


IJF and Some Judo Coaches are wrong

Sambo/Judo 16 Year Olds win Judo medals

The International Judo Federation has decreed that Top Rated Judoka throughout the World cannot compete in any other Grappling Sport. I am surprised that IJF Judo Organisations tolerated this type of Dictatorship especially as it will not encourage other Grapplers to try Judo. Yet the decisions has been made BUT what has happened is unscrupulous Judo Coaches who are frightened to share their members with other grappling styles have been telling all their Judoka that they are not allowed to train with other styles, they also maintain that by training with other styles will ruin there Judo!


I had quite a successful Competition career in Judo but I also competed and trained in Sambo and Olympic Wrestling plus I tried Kurash, Lucha Canaries and belt Wrestling, if BJJ was about when I was competing I would have tried that as well. Many other top Judoka have trained in other grappling styles and all agree it enhances their Judo.

One of the silly things people say is if I done another Grappling Sport I could forget myself and revert back to my rules RUBBISH Here is an example when I first started promoting Sambo in the early 1980’s I asked some Jiu Jitsuka to give it a try and their excuse for not competing was they may forget themselves and start punching, kicking and biting which obviously against the rules. I then confused them by saying would a Rugby player who also played football suddenly pick up the ball and run with it?

Three 16 years olds from the Young Judo Club/Warriors Grappling Academy Sittingbourne recently entered a Judo Championships at the famous High Wycombe Judo club and all won medals Gold’s Silvers and Bronzes in both their age group and the Adult section all have just got their Brown Belts and they were beating Adults and Dan grades all 3 have been to the World Junior Sambo Championships representing Great Britain.  Brandon Springet , Fergus Hamilton, Richard Seaman   train with John Clarke National Sport Sambo Coach who is also a 5th Dan judo. So what does that tell you? Also we had Ryan Coombes a Top class adult Judoka who is now training in Sambo he won Gold in his weight 82k and Silver in the open weight

So who is right the IJF and certain Judo Coaches who want total control over Judoka or those Coaches who say have a go to their adult players and try other grappling sports? You decide

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