Sunday, November 29, 2015


Northern Ireland Sambo Course

Colin Gary John

Since the early 1990’s Chris St John had been President of the Northern Ireland Sambo Federation and keeping the flag flying for Sambo in that country. In the mid 190’s BSF President FIAS Grandmaster Martin Clarke visited Belfast to give a 2-day course for him and his organisation. Since that date Chris has regularly attended courses and competitions in England
Since then one of his Pupils Gary Clarke (great name but no relation) has been promoting Sambo at his club at Enniskillen. To encourage him even more the British Sambo Federation sent over John Clarke BSF National Sport Sambo Coach and BSF Technical Director Colin Carrott to Coach  a course and examine Gary.
The Course was held at Fermanagh Lakeland forum Enniskillen and proved very successful and Gary was awarded his BCSA Level 3 Sambo Instructors Award. In fact so successful was the course that John and Colin have been invited back in August also both John and Colin are going to assist the Northern Ireland Federation in running the first Northern Ireland Sport Sambo Competition

For more information on Sambo in Northern Ireland contact
Gary Clarke

With next years Presidents Cup being held in Scotland under the auspices of the Commonwealth Sambo Association and Scottish Sambo Federation, Sambo is being taken to all parts of the United Kingdom. Suggestions have already put forward that Northern Ireland maybe the place in 2017. There is one country, which the BSF does not have a national Organisation and that is Wales so we are looking for a representative in Wales so the Presidents Cup can be held in 2018 in the Country

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