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World Sport & Combat Sambo Championship 2015

The World Sport and Combat Sambo 2015
Casablanca Morocco 

This Championships get better and harder year on year but it was pleasing to see many different countries winning matches and winning medals

This year the British Sombo Federation took 4 players:
 Emma Herd Sport Sambo u68k, Johnny Heron Sport Sambo u100k, Matthew Clempner Combat Sambo u100k, Chris Hoban Combat Sambo u82k
French TV interviewing Martin Clarke 

4 Officials:
Martin Clarke President  BSF, Robin Hyslop President SSF, Matthew Clempner Coach, Valerie Clarke Hon President BSF
2 Physiotherapists:
Kamila Kinga Gens, Jemine Thacker
3 Spectators:
Stuart Hoban
Connor Hoban
Gerald Tom Heron.

As per usual the stadium for the World Championships has 3 International Size Mats and in most cases has a very large TV screen, over the past few years FIAS (International Sambo Federation) has had its own TV Company which films it live over the Internet. The tournament itself was organised extremely well, there was a  few problems over the language barrier although this did not affect the British Team . The Opening ceremony was quite spectacular and loud.
When GB hosted the World Championships in 1992 there was just 12 nations remembering that was in the era of the USSR, which encompassed many Countries. Now FIAS has 82 registered countries with another 20 provisional members.
Matt Clempner in Red

On Day 1 we had just one fighter Matt Clempner he was one of our main hopes for a medal. In 2012 Matt had won a Bronze in the 100k plus Sport Sambo event but since then has lost weight and has been competing in various Strike and Grapple events with some success recently winning a medal at the Presidents Cup. Matt started the match at a steady pace putting some strong strikes and when they locked in we all thought Matt will throw his opponent but the technique did not work and they both stumbled to the ground with Matt being caught with a leg lock. Sadly the repercharge system only allows players to contest for Bronze if they lose to the finalist and Matt opponent went out in the next round.
A win for Chris 

Day 2 we had two fighters up Johnny Heron u100k Sport Sambo and Chris Holbon u82k Combat Sambo

Johnny Heron a very experienced Judoka who has competed for GB and trained in Japan but he had the misfortune to have the Georgian Loriashvili first round who was eventually to win Gold. As soon as they took hold you could see Johnny was in the wrong weight Category he eventually went out 8 pts. to Nil. His fight for the Bronze did not fare a lot better but on this occasion he pulled back right near the end to gain a point although he lost this was a better performance.

Chris Hoban came out like a storm in his first fight against the Czech fighter beating him 5 puts to 1pt a cracking win and our first win in a World championship for many years his next fight was against Kazakhstan which he lost but even this fight he showed no fear and was trading head buts punches as good as anyone.  The Kazak fighter went to reach the finals so Chris went to fight the Moroccan for Bronze, which he beat confidently even though the noise from the audiences was phenomenal. The Moroccan Team were no easy fights they had been winning matches in Sport and Combat Sambo throughout the Tournament. That was as far as Chris would go he lost out in the Bronze playoff to the Ukrainian. Chris was one of the Best GB fighters I have seen for a long time as he comes from Manchester not a surprise once he improves on his throwing Techniques I am sure he will medal next year

Day 3 Emma Imrie Herd Sport Sambo u68k
Emma a very experience Judo player form a famous Scottish Judo Family fought in her second International Sambo event. Once again she seem well out of her weight group as all the other players were bigger then her. She lost her only match to a Serbian Player who dominated the match. Emma put up a spirited fight and went the distance to lose on points
New Concept Coaches Box 

On watching the GB team over several years I believe our chances of World medals will come in the Combat Sambo and the reason I say that is the Combat Sambo players compete in many Strike and Grapple competitions and they train like professionals with Matthew Clempner Senior in charge of Combat Sambo he has a lot of International plans for them. The Sport Sambo players are not so lucky as the only other Jacket Wrestling they can do is Judo and with the IJF now telling all top level Judoka they can not compete in other Grappling Sports this is now being misunderstood by the majority of Judoka who think they also can not take part in other grappling sports. I believe the dictatorial attitude of the IJF will see an even further decline in Judo Jacket Wrestling like BJJ does not help Sport Sambo players because theirs is mainly a ground fighting sport while the emphasis in Sambo is throwing So the answer is for more sport Sambo events in GB no matter how small and for Sport Sambo to travel to Open Internationals. John Clarke Sport Sambo National Coach will be taking players to the Paris Tournament in May, there is the Dutch Open in March and a Belgium Open in February. From now on the BSF will only select people for World and Europeans if we consider they have a chance of winning a match, no longer can these two competitions be just to give players experience this can be done in minor Internationals.

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