Sunday, December 20, 2015



Oleg Sibilev has formed a new Sambo Club called SAMBIST FIGHTING ACADEMY 

This decision was prompted by the fact that we've changed premises few time were using someone else's name and logo for uniform and competitions.

Based on this he believed the best course of action for our club and use the same name no matter which location we choose to use. Our new club is called "Sambist" Fighting Academy, their new logo is attached for your reference.

Oleg Sibilev

Combat Sambo - Head Coach

Oleg originally comes from Russia where he competed at Sambo and later Combat Sambo. He not only studied the Sporting aspect of Sambo but also Self Defence side of the style. Oleg is qualified as a black belt in the British and Russian Judo Associations and has over multiple years experience in Combat Sambo which he was thought by two instructors who also trained Police and Special Ops units. He has been well involved in Judo since 1981 and started off his training at the Metalurg Olympic Reserve Judo club in the USSR. He has competed in many major Judo events around the USSR managing to win medals in the majority of competitions he was entered in.

He recently represented Great Britain at the World Master's

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