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Allan Clarkin BGA Shinobi War 6; Pope vs Clempnar

Allan Clarkin
Technical Director British Grappling Association

About 15 years ago I formed the British Grappling Association as a sister association to the International Budo Federation UK. I felt there was a need for purely British Only Association to cover various Grappling and Combat Disciplines but over the years the BGA has not been very active. That has all changed when I resumed my association with Burnley’s leading Martial Arts Sensei Allan Clarkin. He has now become the BGA’s Technical Director who job it is to invigorate the BGA and monitor its standards.
Allan who is a leading Black Belt with the British CombatSombo Association also hold Black Belts in many Martial Arts he also runs a very successful Gym in Burnley has already started on that Journey .

His recent Jiu Jitsu course at Burnley Ju Jitsu Club held on November 21st 15 attracted over 60 students from various styles, he was assisted by his Grandson Daniel. The event lasted 3 hours covering basic pad drills, movement, simple locks, hold down and counters. He made a point of stating Martial Arts is not all about competing but having fun and developing as a person, which is very much in the Philosophy of Jigaro Kano the founder of Judo

This was the first of many to come for this club, with the aim of razing standards and expanding students knowledge. The course was a big success with good feed back. Burnley Ju Jitsu Club have said they are using each course as part of their students grade, with their own syllabus test he following week.

The British Grappling Association are looking for clubs that want to move forward and raise their standards and Committee of the BGA have a vast range of knowledge ready to pass on. 

For more information on the British Grappling Association contact:
Martin Clarke

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